Founder's Mistake Story

M y new yearling savannah monitor just bit me. i turned too suddenly and it lurched forward and latched onto my upper lip. it was clamped so hard that john had to use a car key(which ended up getting bent) to get into her mouth and pry it open. we ended up breaking one of her teeth(which i found later). we washed the bite off and ran over to the neighbors house who were waiting with that burning alcohol stuff. it got cleaned, now we are waiting to see what will happen, monitors are dirty and tend to have plenty of bacteria in their mouths, you gotta think about that fact that we feed them mice and insects. but i quickly picked her back up again so that i wouldn't become afraid of her because i dont blame her for feeling threatened. i checked her to make sure she wasn't injured, thats when i found her tooth laying in her mouth and i put it in a little jar for a trophy for my first bite. she's just fine and i will be too

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3 Responses Mar 28, 2009

lol settheserpent its not the same mo itor this one's new, smaller and mean

at the time the idea didnt come too me but i thought of it after.<br />
<br />
i'm power feeding mine, wanna see how big he'll get

Oh that ain't that bad. Instead of trying to pry it off, all you had to do was submerge it in water. Chances are that it would have let go to come up for air.<br />
<br />
I had 2 of them years ago, almost 4 feet without tails.