Watery Rescue

I was camping near a river in Nevada with my older sister and a few of our friends last weekend. I had been swimming in the river for a few hours, and was about to head back to camp when I noticed that everyone upstream was looking down from the rocks into the water, and I heard someone yell "call 911!" I swam over to the area and looked down in the water to see a young man on the riverbed, not moving. Several people had attempted to swim down to him, but couldn't because it was "too deep and too cold." About that time, a friend of mine swam up to me, and asked the people around us in the water if there was a pair of goggles. Someone handed goggles to him, and he handed them to me. I took them without question and went over to a small ledge partway in the water. He was talking in my ear, keeping me calm, telling me that I could do this, that he knew I could. I took a series of deep breaths, and started my dive, swimming straight down to him, having to pop my ears several times, as it was only about 20 feet deep. When I reached the man, I immediately grabbed him underneath the arm and started towing him to the surface. When I got there, my friend was waiting for me to help tow him to shore. About that time, the paramedics arrived and after having pulled him on shore, started cpr. He wasn't breathing at first, but they managed to get him breathing, though he was bleeding out of his nose and mouth. They carried him to the ambulance, and last I heard, had been flown to Reno for care.
Im not sure if I would have been able to make the dive had my friend not been there, talking to me and keeping me calm. But I did it, and gave him a chance to live, which under the circumstances, was all that I could do. And it's more than I can say for all the bystanders who were standing on the rocks, gaping at the scene.

Update: I received a call a couple days ago from a police officer that was at the scene who told me that the young man died that night. But that his family was able to be there and say goodbye. Im sad for their loss, but at least I was able to give his family the chance to say their last words before he passed.
Tualha Tualha
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Either way, it's still no. I will probably never do free-diving unless I need to.

but thats different cuz you'll be using oxygen .

No, I am not a professional diver.<br />
However! Funny stuff.. I am soon to be in training to be a diver for the Navy. So..if that counts? Heh..

WOW!! <br />
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Are you a professional diver?