Saved My Self?

4 or 5 yrs ago I was at a lake in OK , heard a woman cry " call 911" the man had been drinking and swimming outside posted swimming area and went under at deep end of bouys. As I arrived others were trying to rescue at said location,I began from the bank , not the best swimmer, I swam toward them along bottom and located a leg to my surprise, I reluctantly held on and somehow made it to surface to notify all I had him and take a very short breath before his lifeless body drug me under where I tried pushing his body up but, ofcoarse mine went down, now facing an upsidedown torso I hooked my arm under his, squatted at bottom and thrust us both to surface where other first responders were waiting, the lady that yelled to call 911 gave cpr as I was about to collapse by now and they mediflighted him w/pulse and never heard more. News 9 interviewed me about it minutes after, I had been in a tough time and he was hispanic like myself and similar build, did I save my self? It changed me, I think God said " Your life has meaning and worth!"
Woodx69 Woodx69
41-45, M
Feb 23, 2011