My Little Brother

When I was about 9 years old my family and I went to the beach. My parents were busy relaxing on the beach and they took their attention off of us for a few minutes. I saw my brother wading in the shallow water. I looked away for a few moments and while my back was turned I heard someone shout "help me." I turned around and saw my brother he had wandered out into the deep water and he couldn't swim. I could just barely see him waving his hands as he went under the water. I already knew how to swim so I just swam over there and grabbed him and pulled him up and swam back to the beach with him. It was a good thing he was a small boy and was light. I got him back to the shore then fussed at him and told him to stay in the shallow water.
howsab howsab
31-35, F
May 25, 2011