Beach Save

    The first story involves my brother and I. We were at a beach in Destin, FL and there was a red flag out that day. I was about 16 and he was about 14. My family and only a few others were at the beach. Suddenly I saw my brother being dragged out to sea by the undertoe. He was bobbing up and down yelling and waving his hands. I knew he wasn't very athletic so he might not last long or be able to keep afloat. I looked at my parents who were asleep laying on the beach and realized that I was the only one around who could help him. Thinking quickly, I grabbed a kids boogeyboard that was laying on the beach to help my brother and I stay above the rough waters. By this time my brother was in deeper waters and couldnt stand up (i guess about 8 feet deep) I ran to into the ocean baywatch style with a boogey board in hand and made my way out to him. I let him get on top of the boogey board and I swam diagnolly (to avoid the riptide) back to shore. By this time my parents had woken up and were very grateful. The strange part of this is that during spring break this year, my brother (now 17) saved a 10 year old from drowning that was being pulled out to sea. When you think about it, if I hadnt saved my brother, he couldnt have saved this other kid!
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Amazing!!! We have an actual HERO in EP!!!