Rocky Mountain Reach

2 winters ago my family and I met up with my uncle and his family in Taos, NM for some snow skiing. My younger brother brought his friend Ty who was 15 at the time. We split up into groups, the better skiers who liked to go fast and enjoy the occasional crash which included myself my uncle and Ty. The other group consisted of the slower skiers which included my parents, brother, aunt and cousins.
       The three of us in my group began going down a few black diamonds. The trail we were on flattened slightly and made almost a 90 degree turn to the left. My uncle went ahead and stopped at the turn which was at the edge of a cliff. He got out his video camera to record me and Ty on our way down. Ty skiid ahead of me and I noticed he began going too fast towards the cliff. He realized he had lost control and layed down on his side and slid towards the edge. I saw his legs slide off and then his midsection. He was hanging on with his arms and had his feet on some rocks or ice or a combo of the two.
    I began to haul *** down the mountain after him and he was still sliding downward when I got to him. I planted the edge of my skis in the snow, leaned to the side holding myself up with one arm, then extended my pole to him. After he got his chest back on the higher ground I extended my arm to him and he climbed his way back up.
Vagabond Vagabond
1 Response May 8, 2007

wow how scary im glad you are both ok, what a hero.,