Was In The Right Place At The Right Time When Someone Had A Breakdown And Tried To Commit Suicide

Long story short-

Someone at my place of work (well, my place of work at the time) screwed up an assignment and I (along with another co-worker) was sent to help her repair it. The woman was hysterical that she would lose her job. Out of control, absolutely panicked. We left the building and she- and I didn't see this coming- tried to run into the path of a car. I pulled her back. And here is where the hell-on-wheels part comes in. I STILL had to complete her assignment, while dragging her screaming, sobbing, hysterical butt along and suffering from major adrenaline rush myself, from the bizarre and unexpected event that had just occurred. People were looking at the three of us as if we had just landed from the moon. It was a surreal, unreal, horrible experience. It happened at 5:30 or 6 pm and I was nowhere near calm by 1 o'clock am that night.

It was also a remarkable, soul-expanding experience that made me a better and kinder person. I was glad I was pushed to my limits, challenged to my near-extremes and had a chance to shine like that. A dire situation shows you how good you can be. It would probably all by itself make my entire existence on Earth worthwhile. If for no other reason I should have lived, I should have lived for that. If there is a Judgement Day and I have to justify my life, I will point to that, if nothing else. Probably one of the best things I ever did.
Eeney Eeney
22-25, F
Dec 15, 2012