We Saved Eachothers Lives.

we all know that cliffs and jagged rocks are unsafe, but i just didn't know how unsafe until they almost took my life.

so my boyfriend and i were hiking down a cliff to this swimming hole and there were a bunch of little, loose rocks all over the ground. being the idiots that we are we started running and "skimming" over all the little rocks, as if we had socks on and were skimming over a marble floor. so we're doing this for a while, until is makes a ******* rock avalanche.

a huge rock was coming down, straight for me so my man ran toward me and pushed me out of the way, but when he did that, he lost his footing and started tumbling down the cliff. i got up and ran down the side (where there were less falling rocks) and barely caught up to him. then, i grabbed his arm about 5 feet from the cliff drop off, which was like a 50ft. drop.

in the end, we both had concussions. i broke my wrist and 3 fingers and had 8 stitches in the gash in my head and another 8 on my left leg. he broke his ankle and wrist and dislocated his shoulder when i grabbed his arm. he also had 5 staples in his head from a gnarly gash and 15 stitches on his side.

it was freaking crazy. we almost had to air lifted out, but instead we just sucked it up and had to hike all the way down and swim out.

you can just picture the chaos, bathing suits and all.
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Good grief!!! That's an amazing story. I'm glad you both made it out of there! And well done to both of you for saving each other!!! O.O