And Am Now Hated..

I talked a girl I was close to out of committing suicide by taking an overdose on the phone, while organising online for the paramedics to come to her flat.  she had a brain tumour and had taken a lot of pain meds and the anti-epileptic drugs they had put her on while she waited for surgery, but she decided she didnt want to wait anymore and wanted to end the pain.  I managed to talk her out of it and hold her off taking anymore til the medics arrived.

Now she hates Me because I would not marry her and her mother, who was SO grateful to Me for saving her daughters life, hates Me for the same reason..

Such is life I suppose.
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your link didnt work.

I know how it feels....<BR>I found my boyfriend during a suicide attempt...<BR>you should join the following group:<BR><a href="" target="ep_blank"></a>

thanks.. maybe if not commended, at least not hated just because I couldnt marry the woman!

...regardless of the outcome you should be commended for caring

*hugs You*

Moved on, hmm ... goody for her if she truly has this time, but we've been around that corner a few times, and what I had to see, the kind of betrayal I was handed, and worse, the betrayal Draco was handed, does not just fade when someone has decided to "move on", what she did was unforgivable, all of them, joining like that for so long. <br />
<br />
I considered her a friend, I trusted that her love for Draco was real, that his happiness was important, but it was not about anyone but her, and that was revealed in a very ugly debacle. <br />
<br />
I was not about to let Draco take that alone, and they failed, miserably, in their game, the circus clown especially. Draco was always up front, never led her on, but I saw the delusion with which she lived, I saw the whole unravelling. <br />
<br />
She is, honestly, one of very few on this earth that I can say this: I would enjoy watching her die, to see the regret in her eye when she finally figures out what she threw away. I hope she has to see up in person someday, I do.

I dont know whether she has moved on.. only leslie can answer that as of course they are still in contact. Sometimes We talk about what could have been if she hadnt been so stupid about things.. Perseus, she and I could have been friends, but she wasnt willing to. <br />
<br />
I did love her, just not in the way she wanted and I never hid that.

Well I know who you are talking about! Personally it is better for the both of you that there is no contact. I think (from what I heard) that she finally has moved on and of course you moved on. Hopefully she is better off now. Deep down I hope she is grateful to you for saving her life like that. I don't know as I don't have contact with her at all (no love loss there).<br />
<br />
I am glad you saved her though, you did the right thing as you may not of cared about her the way she cared about you, but you were still close with her.

she really was in love with Me.. expected Me to leave England and move to the US to marry her just so I could get out of the bad situation I was living in at the time. I wasnt willing to do that as wasnt in love with her and dont lie about such important things! <br />
<br />
Her mother hates Me because she was never told the truth.. that I wasnt in love with her and never intended to marry her. The girl's dream was to be married, especially to an Englishman, as she had a thing about Britain, but that wasnt going to be Me.

Omgoodness you! Saved A Life! Wow. <br />
Did she even really love you? Or was it a case of her reaching out to the nearest person? I guess when you really look at it, she's isn't all that liable. Feeling lonely/depressed/hopeless enough to be driven to [attempt]'re clearly not well...<br />
The mother on the other hand - you'd think she's be more concerned with appreciating the fact that she's even *got* a daughter to worry over, instead of hating you. Talk about messed up priorities.

There will never be the opportunity to do that.. We have had no contact since I started a relationship with My partner.

So... would you talk her out of any future suicidal attempts??

Well, the hate group had a big issue with Me telling someone with a brain tumour that I wasnt in love with her and didnt want to marry her!