I have been in an online relationship for 3 years with this guy who lives in New York (I live in Egypt btw) We used to see each other on a virtual game called YoWorld. We were so in love.. We loved each other more than someone could love another. He was suicidal and has gone through many tough things in his life. He was never happy. He used to love getting on the game to see me after a rough day because it cheered him up. I was the only one who could make him happy, and that kept him from thinking about killing/harming himself. But I did something really bad.. I'm really insecure about my looks, so I uploaded fake pictures to the game and pretended it was me because he really wanted to see how I looked like. I gave him fake info about myself, but the love I had for him was real and we both knew it. Then there was this misunderstanding that made us split for a while and he told me that he wasn't ready to move on with his life yet and that it was gonna take a lot of time for our love to not affect him anymore, but then a month later, I found out that he got in a relationship with this other girl and told everyone really bad things about me and made all his friends and his gf hate me and curse at me. It's like he left out his part of the story and didn't tell them that he lied when he said it would take him a long time to get over it. He told them I lied about my identity and told them I was a devil and that's what they're all calling me now. What about the good things I've done for him? I saved his life. I kept him from killing himself. Now, we just deleted each other and we haven't seen each other for about 2 weeks, and now I'm left with a really bad wound in my heart :'( I love him so much.
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It will get better. Obviously right now you must feel really hurt but you will start to feel stronger soon, don't worry. The main thing is to accept what's happened, you lied, he lied about his part in it, and don't go over things too much. You're both in this situation now, and if it's meant to be it will happen. The main thing you need to do right now is look after yourself and not depend on the idea of him. If he decides that he really does love you and wants to be with you then he'll come, but you can't wait around for him to make that decision, especially not if the waiting is hurting you. Live your life, do things that make you happy, and try not to think about him. If things change and he comes back to you, then at least you'll be in a good position to look after yourself and look out for what's best for you regardless.

You'll get over, don't worry. x

Yup, but I'm just reassuring her that it won't last forever.