I guess this would count considering how bad it could have bin, today was a normal day at work done my shift and was gonna go home but I thought I'd say a bit to help out and it was my a my mate I work with, all of a sudden he just falls to the floor and I couldn't see what happened properly when I heard him let out a moan of pain so I ran over to him and saw him unconscious on the floor with his nose continuously bleeding so first thing that came to mind was get my boss, so I ran to the back door and yelled at him to come in so he ran in and saw the lad and went over and almost slipped on the blood (now was covering around him) so my boss turned him to his side and I ran through to the front and yelled for one more person and ran round getting gloves telling them what happened to him and I stood there to make sure everyone was alright (I know I'm not much of the everyday hero in this story but the other side is if I wasn't there he would of had a fit bleeding out his nose for 5/10 mins before he was notice)
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So how did he get hurt?

He just collapsed, he now has bleeding on brain and risk of more fits