Choking 7 Yo

the little girl was looking weird so i just watched her, she walked away and looked like she tripped. . i stood up and went to her and all i heard was the most awful noise .. i picked her up and saw she was starting to go out and i lifted her and did the Heimlich maneuver.. nothing happened, but her body came to life a bit.. I readjusted the hold and did it again, and i herd her gasp and start crying.. i was scared at that point. just reacting really. then i looked at her and her eyes where open and her eyes had became watery. she gasped and i asked if she could breath if i had gotten it out and she shaked her head no, but i saw she was breathing some. i did it one last time and out flew a butterscotch candy.. 


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maybe they should ban that candy

My cousin too choked on a butterscotch as a child. I wonder if the size of the candy makes one more apt to choke on it? It is larger than a life-savor (oh weird), I wonder due to it's larger size, if it accidentally is swallowed the larger size better blocks the airway - being therefore, much more dangerous as opposed to accidentally dislodging a smaller life-savor candy. I would bet that more choking victims are more apt to die choking on the butterscotch than the life-savor. Just a thought.


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You are definitely not a one trick pony, and i commend you on your heroics...I taught the Heimlich maneuver to everyone i could, after it was developed, a long, long time ago...And, it came in handy, too many times, a wonderful trick, we will never, ever forget...It should be a requirement, in school, everywhere,e ven children have the capability, to help others, when needed.<br />
thank you for your story, and allowing me to share.<br />
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u saved a life .. Sir ! From the looks of it -- that li'l girl might have choked to death in the next few seconds ... if u weren't around !!

you should read my blog from yesterday.. this lady got hit by a truck and i went to help.. others walked away.. its something that i just do without thinking..

good reaction... most of the people freeze in that kind of situation