A Natural Way To Get Rid Of Scabies And The Eggs

Hello my name is Christopher and I’ve been working with parasites for many years in the work that I do. About a month ago I contracted a very ambicious parasite called scabies. These invisible creatures mean no harm to us. They are just doing what that know how to do
best and that is to survive. That is all they want. We are the perfect host for them and their offspring. My life was turned upside down for almost a month as I investigated various methods to eliminate these rascals. I decided after what I learned that I was not interested in the chemicals that were offered because I am concerned about the effects on the nervous system.
This is the key to success. You have to kill the eggs. If you don’t, they will be back again and again and this could last for months and months.
By accident I discovered a way to kill the eggs. I was bathing in a nice tub of hot water in a hotel and I had left my bottle of cayenne pepper on the bathroom sink where I mix the herb with water to drink...just a way to help the body cleanse. I noticed a brand new red infection of scabies on the top muscle of my elbow and thought it would be a worthwhile test. So I sprinkled some cayenne pepper on my wet skin over the infected area and made a paste. I let it sit there and felt it start to get hot. After it got too uncomfortable, I washed off the cayenne pepper with cold water and the burning effect slowly went away. Afterwords, I noticed that my arm was different. The infected area calmed down and the eggs never hatched. It seems to me that the acid in the cayenne pepper dissolves the scabie eggs. Over the past week I have been using the cayenne pepper successfully to get rid of the scabies and the eggs. From time to time I get reinfected because I become careless about the clothes that I wear. I now feel that I am completely free of those scabies. I will continue to take showers two to three times a day and apply the cayenne pepper all over my wet body and let it start to burn. Here is the process and your finest tools.
1. A jar of cayenne pepper
2. A good hot steam iron

This is all you need.
Iron your bed sheets right on the bed. If you have blankets steam iron those too. Try to sleep with thin blankets to be sure that the iron kills the little buggers.
After you wash your clothes be sure to iron them with lots of steam.

If I find an infected bite, I wet that area and sprinked a little cayenne pepper and make a paste right on the skin and let it sit until it gets hot, then I wash it off. Like magic the scabie and eggs go away.

Other than this I take a shower and wash my hair. I turn off the shower and while I am still standing in the shower i sprinkle the cayenne pepper on a 24 inch towel by 6 inches which I fold so that it is 24 by 3 and use this to apply the cayenne pepper on my back. I don’t want my partner to get infected so I don’t get her involved. I then sprinkle cayenne pepper in my wet hands...make a paste and put it on other parts of my body until my complete body is covered. Be sure to use it sparingly because it can get very very hot. Wait as long as you can allowing the acid to kill the eggs and then rinse off with COLD water. Hot water makes the cayenne pepper hotter. Cold water helps cool things down until you stop running the water and things warm up again for about 20 minutes. You want to be able to have a good experience...
So just be careful and start out slowly with the cayenne pepper because it can be painful. I guess the phrase “No pain no gain” may have some significance here. I am not sure how hot it has to get to kill the eggs but my friend said she figures about 5 to 6 minutes of the heat to allow the acid to soak into the skin and dissolve the eggs. This is our illusion anyway.
Good luck and be careful not to over do the cayenne pepper it can get hot.
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This absolutely works. Ive struggled with this for two years and at the time I wasn't cleaning my house too. But I got so frustrated I actually poured multiple bottles of red pepper (cayenne) in the jacuzzi and hopped right in. This has to be one of the seven rings of hell. I was dancing and screaming from the pain but no more bites. Just the other day I noticed a new bite and I immediately poured hydrogen peroxide on it to break through the protective layer then went in with the red pepper paste. They died instantly. If you are going to do this I'd recommend a bath with something that can exfoliate the protective layers first so you get the eggs too. Also cayenne pepper is actually a great thing for your scalp it enhances blood flow and may help your hair grow. My plan tonight it's to sanitize everything with wipes and spray it with Lysol. Then spray my washed clothes with perm spray which you can buy at stores and it keeps your clothes scabies free for a long time. Then exfoliate. Do my perm cream and hopefully I'll finally kill these pests.

God bless you Christopher for this
Message..I was beside myself and going crazy with itching...I tried a very hot bath and came out and sprinkled organic cayenne pepper and pyt Vaseline on top. It burned a while but at this strage I'll take burning sensation over itching. I didn't even have a shower afterwards.
I don't have any itching anymore
Will try to do one tonight. And one in morning.
Thank you again

I have tried the cayenne paste on scabies and IT WORKS!!!

I found 5 new bites and immediately applied the cayenne paste. No itching or scarring.

Had no bites this morning.

If cayenne pepper kills mites and its eggs, I wonder if niacin flush will kill them. Anyone have information on this?

I will share here that the only thing that has worked for me was horse paste - ivermectin. I got so fed up, I took the horse paste EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR AS LONG AS IT TOOK UNTIL ALL THE SYMPTOMS WERE GONNE! You can measure it according to your body weight. I have never suffered any nasty side effects. So guys, for me, in my personal experience, horse paste is the only thing that has worked so far.

PS.: make sure that the only active ingredient in the horse paste you choose is Ivermectin only. You can also get the liquid for for swine and cattle, it's the same product. If you need more detailed info on dosage, you may visit this page -

If you have liver issues, you shouldn't take this product!

I can't advice on where to shop it, because deppending on where you are in the planet, the brand names change, besides, I am not here to sell. You can get up your arse and go to any shop in your town that sells dewormers for cattle and horses, and buy it.

Best of luck to all of you.

My boyfriend and I have been fighting this for 4 months. I'm desperate. We did ANOTHER cream treatment from the dermatologist. I really hope this helps. The only concerning thing is our children have not gotten scabies. Nor were they treated. For a while we didn't even think it was. I'm still waiting on the results from the derm when they took a biopsy. I can't handle this anymore.

Thank you anything is worth a try as long as it's natural. After that can you be around people?

Thank you for informing me of the caynenne pepper as i had given up on the expensive creams, i i pasted my body inc my scalp with it , let it dry then covered myself with petroleum jelly to also smother them, this did give a burning sensation for a while but i left it on overnight while wearing old clothes ,washed with neem soap in the morning , repeated this ritual and it has worked. I have also applied lamp oil to my body which also definitely brings them out and used methylated spirits mixed with tea tree and clove oil for any individual itchy spot. I have also learned from experience that they can survive in clothes for as LEAST 19 days , how much longer than this they will survive i don't know but my neck and wrists got savaged when i put back on a jacket after this time. I have boil washed clothing and sheets every day , treated the mattress with a pesticide, tumble dry at a prolonged high heat and am now FREE of those little bastards

Will this work if I have borrows from nasty mites it's taking over my body also should I apply any oil to my skin afterwards

I would use this treatment again in a heartbeat. I had them all over my scalp, back, neck and shoulders. I used as a paste. I first wet the area to be treated then poured cayenne pepper in my hand and added a little water and mixed together to make paste. Then with my fingers I applied and rubbed into scalp and applied to affected areas. The itch was gone. I also went to amazon.com and searched for (cayenne pepper medicinal properties) in the kindle free book downloads . Apparently it has many uses that our parents/grandparents would use it for. Arthritis and shingles were two that I recall. I hope you find what works for you and you get relief and free of them.


Hi...I got infected by doing what I love...being around children and not knowing anything about this scurge! I read this and other articles about curing and killing them with cayenne pepper. I started slowly at first...I soak in a half tub of water with a half cup of cayenne dissolved in it...I do this for a half hour or forty five minutes rotating to get to all infected areas. I soak each area for at least five minutes or however long I can stand it. I found that after the second soaking the next day,that I had to wear a mask to avoid choking on the dust from the pepper. After rinsing off with cool water, I made sure I used something oily to moisturize...my choice is pure, white Crisco...as long as you apply it while you are still wet and rub it on...don't overdo it, but be generous with it
...you won't smell like a French fry of you do it this way.
If that bothers you, use coconut oil...Now not cpmpletely rid of them, but this is working better than what the doctors prescribed! The first tom I used the pepper I got the first night of uninterrupted sleep since I contracted this...as long as I feel little flutters or minor itching here and there, I will continue to do this. I only do this at night...during my morning shower, I use a 10% sulfur soap and a sulfur balm I purchased from Amazon...this is not going to be a quick fix...but I see the light at the end of this problem...good luck!

I can't decide if this is a joke. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT do this to your nuts. Other parts of the body may be less sensitive to this treatment but you should NOT put this on your genitals. Nothing will soothe the burning. You will regret this. Worst decision of my life. I'd live a million years with scabies than experience that again.

He is right! Women if you do this soak...keep your legs closed tightly and use a cold cloth if you do get some of the cayenne soaking water on your personals...it will work...I don't know what or how to tell a man to handle this part of the process.

I just found out I have scabies after about 2 months of itching. I'm mostly infected on my scalp, shoulders and neck. The itching to my scalp is unbearable, I have scratched so much that I'm bleeding. That being said would it matter if I tried the pepper. I'm assuming it's gonna burn bad since my scalp is dug up. Has anyone tried this with scalp being so irritated. Thanks in Advance

DON'T DO IT! IT SOUNDS NUTS TO ME! My spouse and I are 'working at ridding our home, by 'interrupting the life cycle'. THAT's what's important!
Here is what I am currently doing and it seems to be working okay: #1) COMPLETELY CLEAN YOUR HOME: A) ***** all beds and WASH EVERYTHING IN BORAX, BLEACH, WATER(wait til washing machine if full of water, add 1/4 c Borax/1/4c bleach)
B) WASH ALL BEDDING 'DAILY', 'DAILY' I MEAN IT! GET PLASTIC ZIPPER COVERINGS FOR MATTRESSES. SPRAY MATTRESSES (BOX SPRING ALSO!) UPSIDE AND DOWN, WITH SOLUTION OF: 5% PERMETHRIN 2 TLBS. + 16 OZ. WATER and if you have some Tea Tree oil-12-20 drops + some Rosewood for scent 12-20 drops(not necessary though)SPRAY MATTRESSES, PILLOWS (COVER PILLOWS WITH PLASTIC ZIPPERED COVERINGS TOO)and flooring. (I even mopped my floors every room with it!)
C)SPRAY ALL FURNITURE, INCLUDING KITCHENETTE SETS! Especially before going to bed spray furniture you have sat on again, ALL OVER! D)Make a lotion with 'carrot oil' 12-20 drops, regular oatmeal lotion from store 8-16 oz., lavender oil 12-20 drops, Tea Tree oil 12-20 drops, USE EVERY DAY EVENING AND MORNING FOR SKIN. Take Benadryl (no dyes) for itching as needed (we have done that usually in the evening to get sleep (2). Also Allegra works okay but does not seem to be as powerful as the Benadryl pills for us. E) I MOP THE FLOORS WITH THE SOLUTION OF PERMETHRIN TWICE A WEEK.
It has been a battle, but we are winning!!! No 'scars' on skin, no bleeding from scratching in sleep, and we recently learned about the 'egg cycle' to BREAK THE LIFE CYCLE, THAT IS THE KEY!
Also, DON'T EAT ANY 'SUGAR PRODUCT'!!!! DON'T DRINK ALCOHOL!!!! STAY AWAY FROM RANCH DRESSING, USE ONLY 'VINIGRETTE' DRESSINGS!!! THE 'SUGAR' SIMPLY 'OVERSTIMULATES' THE MITE AND THEN THE 'ITCHING IS 3 TIMES TO 10 TIMES WORSE!!!! Drink lots and lots of bottled water with lime juice/lemon juice. STAY AWAY FROM 'JUICE DRINKS AND FRESH FRUIT' for at least 4-8 days. EAT LOTS OF RED MEAT, HIGH PROTEIN PRODUCTS, FRESH RAW VEGEES! (one good thing for sure, we 'lost unwanted weight'!(wink, ya gotta have some humor, yes?)
And, most important, remember, our 'God is bigger and more powerful' than this stinkin mite ol' devil thought of! God has promised us, 'He has delivered us from scabies!' (Galatians 1:4) SO WE AGREE WITH HIM! AMEN!
God bless us all, and we 'send this mite back to Hell, in the Name of Jesus, amen'!

I did do the cayenne pepper made into a paste, although it burned for a short period IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT. The itching was almost instantly gone. I used nothing but yhe cayenne pepper and was completely rid of them before Thanksgiving and thankfully no one else in the house got them. If anyone I know was to ever get scabies I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS TREATMENT in a heartbeat. Thank you for responding and giving me a wider range of options to try I very much appreciate it. Also I hope you and your family has had success in ridding these little monsters from your life. :)... Again, Thank You

I did the cayenne pepper in the bath I wet my skin and sprinkled it all over my arms as a test. Does the mites rise up on the skin surface cause I see black dots appearing. The cayenne has been on for about 2 mins.

Yes...not just black dots but the next day you will see dead mites stuck under the surface of your skin...also while soaking you may feel some extra bites...they are trying to dig deeper to get away from the heat! To me...feeling the heat eliminated most of the crazy itching! I will keep doing this till I feel no more of them!

Excuse me, someone is 'pulling someone's leg here! YOU CANNOT 'SEE' THESE MITES, THEY ARE MICROSCOPIC! GEEZE!

I decided to take a bath in hot water and cayenne pepper to relieve the itch; it worked, yet it tingled my family jewels. Maybe the mites were there also; no holes barred. Dried off with a clean towel, then put all the used towels outside, the sheets in the dryer on high heat, washed all the clothes from today. Went to Sprouts and bought Neem cream, tea tree oil and bar soap for daily applications; applying it tonight before bed. I asked the rep at Sprouts what to do and was told that's a tough question. I also sprayed lavender on my pillows and mattress. The pillows will see the dryer in the morning, along with the sheets! Feedback is very important here. I shall return with my findings. Yeah for the cayenne!!!

hi i went to the dermatologist and i told him that it might sound funny but i used cayenne pepper and after 10 mins it was total itch and bump free from scabies on teh spot where i applied it. he told me that we(dermatologists) use a pepper like thing to add in the cream and give to patients, the pepper tingles the nerves such that it doesnt send signals to the brain to itch. another thing if u want to really treat urself,babies, animals is neem. we made a paste out of neem leaves and applied on our bodies and left it for 10 mins(no pain nothing) and scabies gone! u have to do this for 5/6 days for it all to be gone. along with it change ur beddings etc etc(you know the drill!)neem is anti inflammatory, analgesic and anti bacterial!

This was very helpful thank you so much. I've been dealing with this for months not knowing exactly what it was. the itching was so terrible and all the marks it left on me made me feel bad about myself. once my bf started getting the bumps I realized it was something more than an allergic reaction. so I began researching and this is the only thing that made since "Scabies " Me and my bf tried the cayenne last night. I think we may have used a little to much because the burn was unbearable I cried and had a panic attack but after some cold water and cold milk the burn was just bearable to where I could walk around but it slowly subsided and no more itching. My marks and bumps went away almost instantly. I just wanna say thank you again for this wonderful information.

it's been about 30 minutes since I used the cayenne pepper paste. The heat has gone away, and the itch gone as well except for one spot on my back which I couldn't reach. reach report again soon.

Ok, I think I might have scabbie. I just tried this method with the cayenne pepper. When the author said use the paste sparingly, he is not kidding. I put a lot of cayenne pepper paste to cover my entire body. And now my whole body is burning. I had to jump into a cold bath to reduce the burning sensation. I will report again how the treatment go.

It works! Here's how I did it exactly :

1.) Fold paper towel/washcloth in half two times.
2.) Wet half with water
3.) Apply wet cloth to skin in affected area .
4.)Pour 1/4 teaspoon cayenne powder in palm of hand.
5.) Massage cayenne to skin for 1-2 seconds.
When you move you're hand, you'll see the cayenne stuck to you.
I also mixed with cortizone to help heal from bites . IT BURNS A LITTLE . However, compared to incessant itching, I preferred it. FULL RELEIF FROM ITCHING . Hope this helps!

Hey Christopher You are brave to claim a cure with only a week of work on it... just sayin' But I actually signed up to come in here and Thank YOU!! last night I read your account but I couldn't find my cayenne powder (it was an arm length away) due to the stupor the itching was doing on me, maybe from not sleeping well for days but I did find a bag of chili pepper(from a chili mix pack) and I quickly made up a paste and smeared it all over and while not feeling as hot as cayenne it relieved the itching!! I got pretty drowsy after that and not even bothering to rinse it off or get out of my clothes or change the sheets per usual I climbed into bed and slept very soundly about 6 hrs then woke to a slight itching so I smeared more on and went back to sleep after the relief came... THANK YOU!!! now I have found the cayenne and bathed and did laundry so the real battle starts.

Will it trully kill them in a week? I hope so. I have a sister near death I want to see but couldn't travel with this issue... I may have only a week or two I pray this works...
I love your seridipitous style of experimentation, I do the same... Once when trully crazy from itching I forgot I had taken my normal 50 mg zinc and took it a second time and w/o doing another thing I noticed a serious improvement in my mental status. So I tried again and it really made a difference... Not a dose one should do ALL the time (100mg zinc) but a useful finding... take care...

1/11/2013. I write to who having just withstood 7minutes of cayenne pepper on my body. I warn you, the pain grows even once the powder is off and you have had a cold shower for 10 mins. So go easy! And guys take it easy on your junk, trust me.

I'm gonna post everyday to let you know how this worked and what steps to take to hopefully assist you all in getting rid of this nasty parasite.

I picked these up whilst backpacking in turkey. I tried 5% permethrin to no avail. I have also religiously washed my bed linen everyday on a hot wash cycle and dried outside on the clothes line.

Today I tried a new strategy, I washed all my clothes, linen and then took it to the dry cleaners and dried everything on the hottest setting. I plan to move rooms today and sleep on a inflatable mattress. I will avoid my room for as long as possible and wait for any remaining mites to die in there from starvation.

Will keep ya posted


Wanted to do a follow up for all you people suffering with repeated infestations. Use the permethrin or Lindane, wash bedding and clothes in hot water, heat mattress either with iron or use blow drier especially on seams. After you rinse off product, if afflicted by itching, use blow drier on entire body as described in my previous post. Make sure you heat areas where there are sores because it is likely that is where the mite(s) have burrowed in. Statistics say that the average is 10-15 mites per person (although it seems like a lot more). If you still itch after a while do it again until you are ok and can go without itching and getting awakened with it. I did it over as a precaution that I might have missed some. On the genital area you have to use caution as it is more sensitive there. I did those parts with my undies on. Please write and let me know if it worked for you too.

I want to tell you all a discovery I made last night. I was infected at work and I am sure I contracted it from a toilet seat as the rash started on my buttocks and on the back of my thighs. I assumed it might be from detergent or allergic reaction to the new meds I was taking for my prostate. After changing my detergent and meds with no result, I concluded on my own that it was scabies because I had the classic symptom of intolerable itching at night. I went to a doctor and told him my idea that ir was scabies and he gave me a script for cortisone creme, erthromycin, and Lindane ointment. They were all very expensive and I used the Lindane which seemed to help although the itching continued. reading about the recurrence of it I concluded that it is the eggs that are the problem. The lotion may kill what is on the surface but not the eggs under the skin. Reading that you can kill the mites and eggs using heat made me decide to try a "treatment" on my own. It is chemical free and you probably have the cure right in your own bathroom. If you are desperate as I was, then try this one. Get a hair drier and heat the skin as though you are drying your hair, When it gets too hot to take, move to another spot always keeping it in motion. You wont be able to just hold it on one area for a long time. When you get to any afflicted area, it will feel good and heat the whole surface sometimes stopping and letting the skin cool off and doing it again. The skin getting heated to that sort of intensity will kill the eggs under the skin. I tried it and last night the itching subsided and I slept as I haven't since this whole thing began. The solution was right there, using heat to kill them like you iron the bedding or use the clothes drier on high heat setting. Hope it helps, so far so good for me.

I will try this too... I do not want to do the pepper every night...thsnks

My family and I have scabies from head to toe. I'm really unclear on what I can use on our faces and hair specifically. I do have 3 young boys ages 7, 6, and 3 1/2. Please help me kills these things on our faces and hair. Also I need a solution for the genital areas as well.

My niece has scabies and before it was known tht she was infected, she came for a visit and a few days later I noticed a red bump on my arm, and the next day, another. Her mother told me then tht they discovered she had ttht dreaded thing, scabies. So now I have more and more red bumps every day. I tried tea tree oil and it hasn't relly helped, so I folllowed the instructions you wrote here, minus the ironing part as I do not have an iron. My poor skin is still burning after about 30 or so minutes but if this helps at all, I will gladly do this twice a day! I was searching for a remedy since the er Doctor decided it didnt look bad enough to precribe medication. ( was at er for strep throat and mentioned the scabies). So hopefully this helps. So far I am the obnly one infected thankfully. I have a husband and three kids and I dont want them to suffer with this.

I, my children, and husband have had scabies for about six months! we have had round after round of permethrin treatments and they just keep coming back! going to try this TONIGHT!!! (not on babies! lol.) hoping this will rid us of this problem and never darken our door again!!! :) thanks for the information, you guys are what helps the world go round! :)

Will Any other hot spice or jalapeño do?
I don't have cayenne and store's closed. I have chili spice and jalapeños; I'm feeling my skin crawl after paying close attention, or my imagination?

It really worked!! OMG Thank YOU so much for this post!! After numerous treatments including bleach baths and prescriptions, my scabies is finally gone:)

Can I use chili powder instead of cayenne?

Myself and my 2 daughters have been using this method and it is giving us great relief. . .after a good 20 minutes of the girls crying from the burning skin!
I have done this 3 nights in a row, then last night we were out so skipped and then today we are all really itchy and so have just treated us all again. . .how many times did you guys need to repeat to get rid of them????

I can not thank you enough for sharing this. i got scabies after travelling and i was conpletely shocked and horrified when i found out. I took a bath with a bowl beside me of cayenne pepper mixed with a little bit of water to make a paste and rubbed it all over myself especially my back which is where most the scabies were. I washed it off and felt like my skin was on fire for about an hour after getting out of the bath. sounds crazy but I couldnt be more glad to have tried it! I went to the dr. before finding this cayenne method and got prescribed four different meds that I really did not want to pay for or fill my body with. my itch was worst at night time but after doing this I am 100 percent relieved and if I get re infected ill do this again....but next time ill use a little more caution as to not get it in my eyes... I also washed all my clothes and bedding in hot water and the hottest drying temp and dis infected all my furniture which I hope worked. I'm glad I found this before it spread to my toddler

What do you guys mean by "paste"
&& what exactly are cayenne pepers?
Can someone pls explain all the steps too me also pls. Im going crazy :/

Just mix the pepper with a little water and it will create a paste. Rub it onto the red bumps and let it sit for as long as you can. You can buy Cayenne pepper in powder form at your local grocery store.

I just made a nice thick paste with come ground cayenne and Vaseline. I'm still in the post burn stage, but the rash areas where the mites were are considerably less red and I can't feel any itch. I'lll update in a while once the burning has subsided, or in the morning. Really hope this works!!!

No more burning, and no more itching! Im about to apply some paste to another itch spot near my elbow, hopefully the results will be as good. Still afraid of the return of the itch, I'll see what happens tomorrow. Hopefully this solution will work for good. (P.S. I have bagged all clothes I will not be wearing for the next week or so and am constantly washing the selected outfits I did not bag. All blankets and sheets and towels etc. were washed and dried on hot then bagged and duct taped shut, as well as pillows from all furniture and the bed. Tomorrow I'm vacuuming the place (thank god my apartment is tiny) and cleaning the hardwood floors, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom with clorox bleach cleaner, and bagging anything that cant be sprayed down. Hopefully this will do the trick. I have men coming to look at my place for packing (Im moving, ugh) in a few days so I'll have to make things presentable. After that, I'm ripping the place apart and getting every nook and cranny. Also going to soak all shoes in hot water a few times. Quite a process but if I have good results I'll let you know.

How did you make the paste?
Can you pls tell me how u did all the steps pla. Im going crazy :(

Thank you so much for the relief. I have been in misery for days. Finally I couldn't move out bed and begged my boyfriend to get the pepper. I was trying to test a small patch but he put a looooot on there. Haha. It burned.... but it was totally worth it. After 3-5 minutes I ran to the tub and rinsed with cold water. That was 30 minutes ago. I can't even describe the difference. I feel so much better.

Were you mixing a paste or sprinkling it onto your skin and rubbing it in? Because I just did it and i feel like I'm burning alive lol. Please specify if possible. Thanks so much

That makes a LOT of sense! And it's a cheap method. NICE!

I got rid of them somewhat similarly, so it's interesting you were able to use cayenne. There's something to those 'hot' spices! Not to be too graphic, but I'm pretty sure it fries them!

I used a mixture of clove oil and almond oil (1-2 Tbsp of almond oil to a few drops clove oil.) I like the aura cacia brand personally (I think it's a better quality for a grocery store brand), but NOW Clove oil works too, and at a much better price (try www.swansonvitamins.com). Whole foods or Super 1 (or something like those stores) will carry these products. In conjunction, you can also take something like Michael's Naturopathic Paraherbs to help fight internally.

Wash your sheets at least 2-3x's per week in HOT water. I recommend putting your bedding in the dryer daily on high for 20+ minutes. The rest of the time, spray down your bedding, mattress (this is important!), and floors/carpet with a mixture of clove oil and water (much more effective than vacuuming in my experience). Just get a little plastic spray bottle from RiteAid, fill it with water, and add a couple teaspoons of clove oil. Shake it up and voila!

For my showers, I used TheraNeem shampoo. I can't stand the smell of straight neem (I tried that and it was way too strong for me). But the shampoo is a nice blend and was great (also takes care of any dandruff issues you might have!).

A warning about clove oil: Do not use it near your eyes. If you do accidentally brush your hand against your eye area, wash your hands and face with soap and water. Also a good idea to not use it too close to your private parts.

In my case, this got rid of the monsters in about 6 weeks. But I FELT better within the first few days. I know MSM capsules also help. As others have stated, garlic is pretty amazing! I'm sure there are many ways to kill off these parasites (as we can see here), but this is what worked best for me - PERMANENTLY!

Neem oil mixed with sulfur has been used by many, many people to stop the itch and stop the mites. There are studies cited online about the use of neem in developing countries as a scabies solution...just google it. It's gentle and organic...I'm not sure I'd want to deal with the burn of pepper...I'm too chicken lol :)

Ion silver cream , or ion silver powder for info; go to t Bob Beck protocol
Garlic is a good insect killer and might be doing a good thing as well.
Thank you for sending this message around dear scabie-fighters , much love
and hopefully science will pick up and integrate this model as it is an overall good medicine

For more information, feel free and be welcome to my facebook, thank you

~ Luis Jane

P.S. In my opinion, and in this time, mainly, the purpose of the presents of scabies is to teach the Earth's people about the respect to bear for the limit of their descendants amount, namely; the overpopulation.

I have seen this overpopulatuon thought spread around in various forums and I have to say, just anecdotally that we are about to hit a purge state and what SEEMS like over population will quickly be just ridiculous... All around me my relatives are ill in one form or other, not just a couple people all my relatives. Man has over extended himself due to the deceptive nature of what Jesus called "the ruler of this world" and the Bible further says at 1 John 5:19 "the whole world is laying in the power of the Wicked One"! But done right this earth can handle all the people who have ever been... God is going to do it right.... but there will be a depopulation that occurs and you will not make it to his 'New Earth' under Christ's Kingdom without a strong desire for it and a willingness for God to get His way in the matter... JW>ORG

I just tested out this method along with cetaphil. Since I am pregnant & rather treat it naturally. I will let you know how it works for me.

So its been 21 hours since I treated my hands with the cayenne pepper and I have not itched. I will treat my stomach area tonight and see how it goes.

Hi there, we are a family of nine and have been battling scabies for 5 months!!! We have been to 5 different doctors (two of them were dermatologists-one even from Mayo) and they all told me that scabies doesn't go on the head. We have been going crazy and I laltey feel as though I am just plain sad all the time. I have always had long, naturally curly hair, but in October I literally shaved my head. My two teen age sons shaved their heads and now my teen girls are afraid of having to get short cuts as well. We have been keeping sulfur ointment on our heads, but it only seems to knock them back a bit. I will be trying this method. How many times a day do we apply it to our heads? Any advice will be very much appreciated!!

My derm said it is likely to get on the scalp. You can get a sulfur shampoo at the pharmacy and try that along with the oil.

I rescued a possum.. sorry, not sure of the spelling. Didn't know they carry mites. The mites seemed to explode in my house. Then somehow using oregano oil I got them under control initially. But now several years later they have returned beyond anything I've ever experienced. I am researching all of the natural ways tom use on myself and dog, but can't handle cayenne.. They're in my scalp and do drive me crazy when active. But when I used a wonderful shampoo for animals called DermaBenss made with Benzal Peroxide and Salicylic Acid plus Vitamin E and moisturizers it kills them. I put it all over my face and body and felt wonderfully free of therm,. I felt so good. Then because I still have them in my environment they attacked me again. My dog is doing great from Nu-Stock. It really kills and repels them. Every time I use that shampoo I feel 100% free until they attack me again. I used Nu-Stock ointment found both of these on Amazon and based my decision to get them on great reviews there, for animals when looking under "mange treatment" Mange is a skin condition in animals caused by mites and treatments for it work on Scabies too.. I also combine Neem oil, Oregano oil and dilute them so they don't burn too much and damage the skin. My dog had gotten mange and the Nu-Stock is curing her so deeply and so fast. It's made of Sulpher, pine oil and something else. She relaxed and became so peaceful after treating her for a couple of days and even after the first treatment was able to relax. I learn allot reading reviews on Amazon. I get back, it I think, from my pillow when I go to sleep because I can feel free of them until then and in the morning feel them in my scalp again so will try washing my pillow in Oxyclean as it worked well on my bedding and clothes without needing to over heat, ruin and shrink them all. I use more Oxclean then is suggested in the box's instructions but if you use too much it will dissolve fabric. So be careful. It is just Oxygen I think Oxyclean is in the form of peroxide or similar.

How long does it take for it to get rid of the scabies??
I have a partner whos pregnant and i dont want my child getting it

Just curious if you have been using this method? If so, has it been working?

Hi, I am pregnant also. As I wrote earlier, I tried it and it seems to be working. I will keep doing this until it is gone.

Cayenne pepper is a spice u can buy at any grocery store. And no u can't od on it. Its commonly used in a lot of food and it is what hot sauce is made from.

what if you have them on your face and head how do it get rid of that? please help

I had them there also. Open the pills make a paste n put it on your face. It kills the eggs n the mites. I also mix some in blue dawn dish liquid and added it in when washing.

What pills are you referring to, I really need something for my face, hair, and genital area

Hi where exactly do you get cayenne pepper??

You can go to walmart its 100 pills in each bottle. two for ten dollars. While there get a bar of sulfur soap to use when showering. Cayenne pepper kills them.

I've been battling scabies for 2 months, this method worked for me. Thank You

hello, are you completely healed with this method? Also, is there any concern of overdosing with cayenne? Thanks for posting.