How The Doctors Want To Know Nothing

I was grieving. It was late summer, my son had died. I could barely more my head, and I wanted it to be over. My cat was my only confidant and we slept together every night. I noticed she had scruffy hair around her neck, and one day it seemd worse. The next evening i saw the rash on my neck and up my face on the side I sleep on . The doctor fixed me up quick. I took ther peremethris and invectorin I was cured and forgot about it. the cat got put to sleep. I went to the dermtologists and he told me I had bed bugs. I threw all the ulphostered furnitiure out. But he was wrong. i could not find a bed bug.
Three months later. I had it again. again I got the permetric from my gp and it seemed ok.
5 mnths later, I was scratching and worried. worse my hair was itching like crazy/ I had a tingling and there was a dried stuff on my scalp.. I checked for lice and nits but nothng. By this time, I was keeping sulphur cream constantly in the house but everything said they never went above the neck. .
I went to another dermatoloigst but she was obviously frightened by scabines, she told me I was crazy and i had some bits but there was not burrows. She told me to see someone else.
Meanwhile I read where cider vinegar got rids of pests. I put it on my hair and the next day my back was broken out severly with sores and bumps. Don't do thissince them the just spread to the rest of the body .
My hips had big bluish bumps on it. So I conclude they left my hair. I kept getting bumps on nests as I call them on my neck at the rim of my hair. I sent away for permethrin but by this time Iwnet has yet to arrive. No one is allowed in my house and nowI fight them all by myself. I need to help.

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Awe we had to put two of my cats to sleep because of this. I'm sorry you did. Srry about your son. These are hard to get rid of. But we have more animals and its hard to get rid of because of them all. Ivermectin 3g for a few wks should help rid em your doctor listens to you. I was misdiagnosed 4 times. They do go on the face and scalp. It all depends. I get bites in different areas. So because it didn't mirror what scabies usually looks like I was told I didn't have it til the fifth doctor. I really hope things get better for you!

happy jack kennel dip. $22 available at Tractor Supply
kills- fleas, ticks and mange mites. contains permethrin 30%
smells lemony, mix about 1 oz to 16oz water. Do a total body drench, including scalp and face. use a wash rag to spread. Do at least 1 time a week or sooner for 6 weeks. Im 4 weeks in and nearly cured. the bugs don't like this at all. Scabies have a 4 stage life cycle. cannot be easily killed in all stages. Got to stay after them

Ion silver cream , or ion silver powder for info; go to the Bob Beck protocol.
Garlic is a good insect killer and might be doing a good thing as well.
Thank you for sending this message around dear scabie-fighters , much love.
and hopefully science will pick up and integrate this method as it is an overal good medicine.

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~ Luis Jane.

First of all, cats and dogs can serve as temporary hosts to scabies mites, and humans can get feline or canine mites. Your doctor doesn't know what he is talking about! Also, they do go into your hair! Doctors are just beginning to recognize that this happens in about 30% of the adult cases (and almost all the children's cases). Buy Lice Free or another enzyme treatment for lice. It worked for both lice (last year) and it is working for the mites we got this year in the hair--comb your hair with it to kind of scrape the scalp a bit to get the enzyme into the skin). We also put the enzyme in an epsom salt baths every night and coat ourselves with melted coconut oil with tea tree and spike lavender oils (we were allergic to neem and neem is not safe for children). This weekend we will be trying a sulphur-mixed-with-cream mixture to see if we can finally get rid of these horrible pests. Good luck, and don't despair. I know this is hard!!

We tried sulphur w no success. The 3 g ivermectin for a few wks works good for itching and kills em. Yes doctors can be ignorant. I have them on my scalp and face. The meds I'm on rattle the and dehydrate me. So they go in my eyes and mouth while I sleep. Its horrible. Animals make it ten times harder to get rid of them
.I was misdiagnosed 4 times because it didn't look like usual scabies, and they conested they wouldn't be on my face and scalp. The sulfer dip dried out my animals skin. Permethrin they became resistent. Its goo on two years. I really hope you get them irradicated.