**** Scabies

I realized I had Scabies after my lower part of my body was itching for a several nights. I went to see a dermatologist. I told her that probably I got the infection after having sex with my boyfriend. At first, my thighs were infected then the infection went to the penal part (yes im gay, so what). I was frightened that time because I noticed some bumps on my penis (the shaft, head and testes). My doctor advised me that I got scabies or lice. She advised me to take the following:

1) Permethrin Lotion 5% or commonly known as Quell.
2) Fucicort Tropical Cream or Fusidic Acid and Betamethasone Valerate.
3) Alnix tablet (once a day in 1 week)

The Quell was effective for me after 3 weeks of applying it on my infected area. The red bumps little by little disappeared. The cream and the tablet helped on reducing redness and itchiness. What I did was after I wash or take a bath in the evening before I sleep, I would apply the lotion. I took also the tablet. Yeah, it would make you sleepy. After I wake up in the morning, I washed the infected area, then applied the cream. Also, I did this in the afternoon; meaning, you need to apply the cream twice a day. One more thing I learned based on the forums I visited was that while washing, use luke warm water+vinegar with table salt. The scabies mites and their eggs would die soon in hot temperature.

I hope my experience and treatments would help you also. Yeah I know scabies sucks, especially the red bumps. While treating, you need to practice abstinence when it comes to sex. Lets all **** scabies!
fuckscabies101 fuckscabies101
Jan 6, 2013