Doctors Don't Tell the Truth About Scabies!

I've had Scabies 4 times.  Some people have a hard time getting rid of them like myself.  Sometimes they are almost impossible to get rid of. 

Doctors, psyciatrists, counselors, etc. say when you can't get rid of them, they are delutional parasites, a cousin to scitzofrania which is NOT true.  They will even go so far as to stick you on anti-psycotic drugs and

try to take your children from you.

When your children say they itch, they say that you are putting it in your kid's heads.  It's horrible.  This is a great site for people like myself and others that want to help us.  Go to:

 If you get a diagnosis from one doctor, another doctor can still say you don't have it and then you are screwed.  

Scabies crawl anywhere and everywhere, including your head, corners of

your eyes, in your ears and alot of the doctors don't believe it.  Alot of doctors don't even believe Scabies use to be called The 7 year itch but if you type it into your browser, you will see they don't even know or they are simply lieing to you for one reason or the other.

Scabies is on the rise.  The closer we live together, the more poverty, the

more epidemics.  There are other countries that have way more support

than our own country. 



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My gramma has had this for about a year now but I don't have it we both don't understand she's very stubborn and won't go see a doctor and I really just wanna see her get better it hurts me to see her in this kind of pain please what do i do someone help me

This Cory Oebel is the owner of and is a scammer. Watch him out and his products. He goes around forums and spams. or all have the cure for scabies that you can buy online.

I was staying in a motel and I contracted scabies from a girl that was trying to be my friend, I went to the ER and the receptionist told me some classified info when I told him I couldn't wait 8 hours for a doctor, I contracted scabies, he told me it's an epidemic here in Los Angeles, and he gave me a remedy that those doctors in suits looked over, those white suits don't mean ****... It's about time we get doctors who actually paid attention to their studies and patients instead of misdiagnosing and giving pills for us to digest with no remedy in a hurry to go onto the next patient and **** up again....

.:.Scabies Remedy.:.

You will need: 1)Benadryl or Wal-dryl anti itch cream
2) Benadryl (pink pill) knock off brand works too

Take 2 benadryl 3 times a day
rub benadryl on affected area 3 times a day
Do this for 7-10 days until you know the scabies are gone

the rash is caused by the medicine and the home remedies. My niece's had this thing going for a year finally I decided to say enough is enough no more treatment. The rash after permethrin cream one of my niece would break out a week or two and one time it was even a month later this rash was caused by the treatment. The out break was worse or the same as the original. I finally sad no this can't be I had nothing literally nothing that I had from when this crisis started I threw away everything I had even pots clothes shoes everything nothing no contact with anyone everything I had was new and dried before used. Finally read the guy post he said it was a must that he an his family wait it out. So that is what I did ant to my surprise the m..... F...... Rash left on its own in less than a week might I add this was a full bloom rash not a bump or two. The other niece still have old bump marks but nothing new. Please do not torture yourselves like this people and pass the message on once you figure this out otherwise people r going to continue to be freak out by this an cause more harm to their bodies an minds. STOP THIS medicine and home remedies thing I believe they been gone and others use the rash that is caused by the medicine to make more and more money. Trust in God and only God lean not on your own understanding. Believe they r gone if u had seen the rash I seen u would have treated it but I assure u it left on its own I'm talking ringworm looking rashes over 25 of them in one area. My reason for this post is because I am deeply sadden by what people would do to our minds an health for a buck.

happy jack kennel dip. $22 available at Tractor Supply
kills- fleas, ticks and mange mites. contains permethrin 30%
smells lemony, mix about 1 oz to 16oz water. Do a total body drench, including scalp and face. use a wash rag to spread. Do at least 1 time a week or sooner for 6 weeks. Im 4 weeks in and nearly cured. the bugs don't like this at all. Scabies have a 4 stage life cycle. cannot be easily killed in all stages. Got to stay after them

i've had scabies for about 3 years and ive tried everything, after so much treatment i have found a way to control the itch, i take about 6 antihistamines every other day, and that was my skin doesnt itch, and it doesnt raise as much. i'm still trying to find a full cure to this horrible bug but taking antihistamine lets me live a some what normal life. people say scabies doesnt go to the head, but i disagree i have plenty of times where my face and head itches and even inflames. this bug seriously will drive anyone crazy, id rather be dead than live like this for the rest of my life.
although i would do something like that.
i hope this helped.


I cured scabies after some 6 months of suffering, while some people get rid of them in a week or so (perhaps less aggressive strain or some better immune-reaction). You won't find many people online telling you that they have cured scabies, because it is a slow as hell process (they will forget about them once they really know that they are free of them, and will be scared to even mention them for rest of the life) - the itch will continue for many many months after you have cured scabies, so you won't really know when you have cured them. In fact it will slowly fade in about half a year after having them, but higher than usual incidence of itch will continue perhaps for year or more (perhaps until the end of life).
The good thing is that it is curable.
I got rid using standard medicine - both permethrin and sulfur - whole body up to neck (a few days did head also) - spent a lot of money on them, did like 15 tubes of permethrin, and like 7 tubes of sulfur scabicide. Also changing clothes and bedding daily and washing more than usual. The whole family has to be treated, if you have more rooms, then sleep in another room each day. Wash hands regularly, don't expect itch to fade within days, not even weeks.

They on My leg and wont go Away even with cream

I used a mixture of clove oil and almond oil (1-2 Tbsp of almond oil to a few drops clove oil.) I like the aura cacia brand personally (I think it's a better quality for a grocery store brand), but NOW Clove oil works too, and at a much better price (try Whole foods or Super 1 (or something like those stores) will carry these products. In conjunction, you can also take something like Michael's Naturopathic Paraherbs to help fight internally.

Wash your sheets at least 2-3x's per week in HOT water. I recommend putting your bedding in the dryer daily on high for 20+ minutes. The rest of the time, spray down your bedding, mattress (this is important!), and floors/carpet with a mixture of clove oil and water (much more effective than vacuuming in my experience). Just get a little plastic spray bottle from RiteAid, fill it with water, and add a couple teaspoons of clove oil. Shake it up and voila!

For my showers, I used TheraNeem shampoo. I can't stand the smell of straight neem (I tried that and it was way too strong for me). But the shampoo is a nice blend and was great (also takes care of any dandruff issues you might have).

A warning about clove oil: Do not use it near your eyes. If you do accidentally brush your hand against your eye area, wash your hands and face with soap and water. Also a good idea to not use it too close to your private parts.

In my case, this got rid of the monsters in about 6 weeks. But I FELT better within the first few days. I know MSM capsules also help. As others have stated, garlic is pretty amazing! I'm sure there are many ways to kill off these parasites, but this is what worked best for me - PERMANENTLY!

Scabies is so hard to cure, i went to a dermatologist that knew nothing about scabies everything she said was wrong she had told me mites can only live for 3 hours without a host, we treated 5 or 6 times and it kept coming back and she didn't know why, come to find out older people can have scabies and show no signs which was the problem, my gma treated then they went away but now two months later they are back and i don't understand why or how, this is the worst thing i've dealt with. I picked these up in the hospital when i had my baby who is now almost 6 months old. this is a terrible battle and I just wanna give up it's so stressful and hard to deal with. I feel terrible that my baby has to go through this.

Ion silver cream , or ion silver powder for info; go to the Bob Beck protocol.
Garlic is a good insect killer and might be doing a good thing as well.
Thank you for sending this message around dear scabie-fighters , much love.
and hopefully science will pick up and integrate this method as it is an overal good medicine.

Feel free and welcome to follow me on face book, thank you.

~ Luis Jane

Oh for heaven's sake, you people are incredible! The 7 year itch is nonsense. The reason you aren't getting rid of your scabies is because you are not treating yourselves properly. There is no such thing as DELUSIONAL scabies, I have NEVER heard that such a condition exists! Lyclear cream all over the body, neck down, yes even your genitals. Leave on for 8 hours, HOT wash ALL bedding and clothing of EVERY person in your house, whether they have scabies or not. Every person in the house also needs the Lyclear cream. 1 tube per person. This is then washed off the next morning. Scabies take awhile to get rid of, a couple of weeks after treatment. Scabies mites DO NOT crawl in your ears or eyes. Perhaps you have a different mite? I have just treated my 1 year old grandson for scabies and as a nurse, I know what I'm talking about. Good luck to you all, beware of internet information!

I need help I used permethin cream twice and wash all bedding spray lysol on things I clould not was I'm still breaking out what should I do

Hello please share to me your experience in dealing with scabies in my case I / we caught it from a dog that we purchased... Thank you we appreciate it

That crap dont work

Hey Nurse, just to let you know you are dead wrong. I was diagnosed along with my wife and daughter. I have been fighting them relentlessly for a little while now. they will get in your ears. I have spent most of the day trying to dig out the little parasites from my ear. are you telling me that I need a new doctor?? they did the scrap test from just under my left eye so don't get on here telling false truths to people that have experienced it.

They can too get on your face. I currently have it now. There is NO reasonable explanation that doctors can give as to why they supposedly don't get on your face. I have asked and all they say is that they just don't. Well then why do they say they can get on children's faces? Why can't they get on an adults face? Show me the reason. There's no proof that they can't.

Hey Nurse, you might do some due diligence and research Permethrin resistant scabies. Not forum talk, but actual medical journals and research. Your condescending tone is not helpful to those who are truly struggling and feeling lost.

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I have scabies currently, and I am 16 years old. Glad fully, it has not reached my face, but just in case I have been washing my hands frequently. <br />
There is some bath oil stuff I ordered from an online store. I don't quite remember what the store is but the brand is 'naturals' or something...<br />
But anyways, the treatment the doctor gave me BURNED and stung like crazy!! If you don't like shots or needles, don't use what the doctor gives you! I was running around the house like a maniac for over an hour! But it did help! I have applied it 3 times so far, it was torture! <br />
But the Natural stuff is helping as well(that i know if) but I HIGHLY recommend it!! Also, wash anything and everything that touches your body!<br />
I have been living on the couch for the past 2weeks and of corse so I won't re-infest my room, I just have to remember to disinfect the couch every morning. Scabies is such a pain!! Especially since I'm going on a 2 week trip with my church next week, and it better go away by then! :(

I completely agree. I have been afflicted with scabies for a year! Doctors have said that I have had multiple different things, and I have tried all the treatments- and nothing had worked. Scabies had never even entered my mind. I decided to do some research now that it has hit the one year point. I found out that all of my symptoms are indicative of scabies. <br />
<br />
I agree with you that they end up in your nose, ears, face, etc... After treating with neem and tumeric on my body they have moved to my face, and my nose is the worst! So, now I am treating my face. <br />
<br />
<br />
TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SCABIES GET A MICROSCOPE-i used a kids one from toys r us. , DO A SKIN SCRAPING AND LOOK THOROUGHLY FOR ROUND, HOLLOW, BLACK CIRCLES - these are the eggs. LOOK ONLINE AT PICTURES OF THE MITES- if you have it, you will see similar images, but not as high quality- look online for low quality or 2d images of the mites for comparison. IF YOU WANT IT FOR PROOF-KEEP FOR PROOF FOR YOUR DOCTOR.<br />
<br />
<br />
I have had a severe case of crusted scabies, and thought I was having bruising when it was the mites I saw under my skin, and psoriasis on my knees when it was indeed scabies. <br />
<br />
I have my knees back and all of the black lines are going away, along with the rash. Neem can be bought at health food stores, and is less expensive than natural treatments that can be bought online.

I know it sounds too simple but go to Walmart buy a two ounce vile of tea tree oil and a large bottle lotion. Mix the two together and put it on as often as possible. It doesn't smell all that great but it absolutely will get rid of the scabies. I tried everything else and finally came up with this myself. You have to interrupt the scabies breeding pattern which is usually at night so make sure and put the mixture on before you go to bed every night. Also, go to Lowes get painters plastic and wrap your mattress in it for three weeks. Wash and dry your sheets every morning in hot water and hi heat. Same thing with your clothes. And vacuum often. It's gonna be a pain in the ***!!! But three weeks is a hell of a lot better than three years. <br />
You have to be completely diligent about it. 3 weeks is the key. If they can't breed witin three weeks they will die. <br />
I hope this helps.

Get Grisi sulfur soap, I found some at Walmart - from Mexico, it comes in a yellow box and smells like lemon, so you hardly smell the sulfur. I think whenever you think you might be around scabies - the sulfur might keep them off of you, or you can also use it between and after treatments just in case.

My two-year-old son contracted scabies from a daycare center and it went on for months because they knew and never told anyone. After one worker from the facility finally told me in confidence, because she was afraid she could be fired for saying anything, the doctor still didn't believe that it was scabies, because it was on my son's face, and it doesn't typically go there, according to this Dr. Luckily, there was another physician there who insisted that she prescribe the treatment, which worked. But it seemed like the condition was coming back, and we didn't want to have to repeat the 2x treatment again. So we used neem soap and tea tree oil for two weeks - gone. Never came back. You can find out more about natural treatments here:<br />
<br />
I would recommend trying something. You don't need a prescription to use a natural remedy, and whether your condition is psychological or not, if you can cure it, why not?

i am sorry for your troubles