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It was time for my yearly check up.  I had a rash on my arm just below my elbow.  Also a place on my back.  I thought this was some kind of allergy and ask my Dr. for something for it.  She said let's take a look.  Then she said:  you have Scabies.   Then she gave me a perscription for permethrin  which I used that night.  This was back in September  2008.  She did not tell me that my husband would need to be treated also.  He checked with his Doctor and he said wait until you have scabies to be treated.  Of course, he got it too and we both had to be  treated again later.   After the treatment,  we got better almost immediately;  however,  we have both felt that we had something crawling from time to time, but no signs of anything, perfectly smooth skin.  We have worked at cleaning house, spraying with disinfectant, running clothes thru dryer(all the things we have been told to do.)  Now I am not sure I am thru with them, because I have new places or brakeing out that is either scabies or allergy.  This has been almost 6 months and I am terified.  I'm not sure where to turn.  Doctors do not seem to understand.  


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Hopefully this will help someone on here, I literally spent hours on this site and many others after being diagnosed with scabies. First my son was diagnosed with eczema, then contact dermatitis after several scraping were negative, finally after it had spread everywhere on his body the dermatologist was able to scrape and get two mites which she showed us under the microscope.
His case definitely did not look like any scabies pics I saw on the internet. It looked like round crusty circles on his bicep that looked like ringworm. Antifungals did not work and sprays didn't work at that point. Eventually, it was everywhere and he was unable to sleep, me too..mine was at the waistline, underarms, breasts, legs OMG the itching was just madness!!!!
I soaked in Mule Team Borax which did stop a lot of the itching and I also soaked in bleach , like a few small capfuls, made me itch worse, but was not a cure.
The doctor gave us Ivermectin pills, everyone in the family took them and I washed everything that touched our bodies for a full month, my washer ran practically 24 hours a day for a full month, I threw out our main couch and my kids mattresses, they slept on air mattresses that I sprayed with lice spray everyday for 30 days. I used sheets on our new couches and washed them every morn and vacuumed every morn and nite.
Post scabies is a *****, after taking the Ivermectin, my son broke out on his legs so bad that he had to take steroids for ten days, during this time you will see new bumps , old bumps and be terribly itchy, I mean to the point where you feel you are reinfected, this is where the SULPHUR soap comes in, I had everyone use it every day , every shower and after a few weeks we stopped itching and seeing new bumps and rashes! I had to order it online thru walmart! it's AZURE SULPHUR soap with LANOLIN.
Anytime I felt itchy I would jump in the shower and use it, it does leave an awful smell in the private area but bumps will disappear in like two days..
One last thing that really helped me was Antifungal spray like for athletes foot, I stayed that on any lesions and bumps that I had during POST scabies and it really helped with the itching. It's been several months , no new bites, but I'm too paranoid to stop using the sulphur soap just in case..
Hope this helps , but definitely get the ivermectin and don't worry about getting a higher dosage for your weight, I'm like 270 easily and the same dose that worked on my 130 lb son worked on me..
Good luck and sending prayers to all of you, I know how hopeless and helpless this can make you feel..

happy jack kennel dip. $22 available at Tractor Supply
kills- fleas, ticks and mange mites. contains permethrin 30%
smells lemony, mix about 1 oz to 16oz water. Do a total body drench, including scalp and face. use a wash rag to spread. Do at least 1 time a week or sooner for 6 weeks. Im 4 weeks in and nearly cured. the bugs don't like this at all. Scabies have a 4 stage life cycle. cannot be easily killed in all stages. Got to stay after them

Ion silver cream , or ion silver powder for info; go to the Bob Beck protocol.
Garlic is a good insect killer and might be doing a good thing as well.
Thank you for sending this message around dear scabie-fighters , much love.
and hopefully science will pick up and integrate this method as it is an overal good medicine.

Feel free and welcome to follow me on face book.

~ Luis Jane.

dermatologists are no more helpful then family doctors. I guess compared to dieing of skin cancer or the $$ of Botox injections scabies isn't an interesting ailment. I wish all medical personal who have dismissed me as wasting their time contract the little microscopic beasts. I totally understand and wish you all the best in determining where/who is reinfecting you. You will continue to bring them home from work with you until the institution fesses up and deals with the infestation. Seniors do not generally have normal symptoms and no bites doesn't mean they are not carriers. I hope you are symptom free by now but I expect you're not.

Go see a dermatologist!