Sea Salt Bath Cures Scabies



I suffered with scabies for 4 weeks. They itched especially around 2-4 a.m..  Permethrin 5% cream didn’t work. The mixture of borax with hydrogen peroxide subsided the bumps for a day and then new ones appeared. Sulfur mixed with petroleum jelly gave the same result. I washed my bed sheets, pillows, comforter and clothes everyday in borax and detergent. I also vacummed and sanitized the whole house with borax. Nothing availed.


A friend told me to soak in hot water mixed with 2 lbs of sea salt for an hour for 4 days and not to rinse at all. I soaked and scrubbed all parts of my body so that the mites under the skin would be exposed. Finally, the treatment worked like a charm. The bumps and the itch disappeared!!! I slept so well for the first time.


Soaking in a hot bath mixed with 2 lbs of sea salt for 4 days absolutely works.  Do not rinse. Change and wash your clothes and bed linens after each bath. This treatment is cheap and non-toxic. 
Seasaltbathcuresscabies Seasaltbathcuresscabies
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This is the second time I've had scabies. It was much easier the first time, because I had a doctor who recognized the parasite early on - he prescribed the usual Permethrin 5% times two weeks, which didn't work. But then he prescribed Spinosad shampoo. Spinosad is used on crops and in Trifecta pet med. He told me that it would not kill the eggs or any mites beneath the skin, but it would immediately kill any bugs on the skin. He suggested sulphur soap and cream and agreed to let me get several refills of the Spinosad. It kills bugs on contact. Really. Instantly. He also prescribed the Lindane shampoo - which works, even thought the Lindane cream does not. But I have not had the good fortune to have a doctor who even believes I have scabies - and topical creams the bugs have developed a resistance to is all I can get. So, please try to get yourself some Spinosad, if you can! Also, the Lindane shampoo works better than the Lindane cream. Use it in your hair, but also on your body. The doctor said to leave eachof the above shampoos on for 10 minutes when using. I tried leaving them on for 10 hours one time. Anyway, that case of scabies is history. This one is six months old and counting. Dear Powers That Be: Please Help Us.

happy jack kennel dip. $22 available at Tractor Supply
kills- fleas, ticks and mange mites. contains permethrin 30%
smells lemony, mix about 1 oz to 16oz water. Do a total body drench, including scalp and face. use a wash rag to spread. Do at least 1 time a week or sooner for 6 weeks. Im 4 weeks in and nearly cured. the bugs don't like this at all. Scabies have a 4 stage life cycle. cannot be easily killed in all stages. Got to stay after them

Yes, i bathe, drink, and rub directly on skin with sea salt. I thought scabies, but they are in my body, under my moles, in my mouth, eyes, head, and bottom. I try papaya seeds, raw garlic (i eat it and taped a piece on my buttocks mole). It works, they come out thru skin and in restroom visits. When i removed the taped garlic, stuck to it, a greenishe slimey 1/4" size mite.

Ion silver cream , or ion silver powder for info; go to the Bob Beck protocol.
Garlic is a good insect killer and might be doing a good thing as well.
Thank you for sending this message around dear scabie-fighters , much love.
and hopefully science will pick up and integrate this method as it is an overal good medicine.

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~ Luis Jane.

thanks a lot for the share. hope ill try it

Another working treatment : soak in a hot water mixed with 3-4 table spoon of 100% pure tea three oil for 20 minutes. Repeat 3-4 times. Tea three oil kills mites and help itching, as well.

is the salt called Epsom Salt??

Hi! Well i have had this for 4 months now scabies & I am exhausted! I am on my 1st night with this sea salt & so far I noticed in the tube a whole bunch of little black specs?? Are they dead mites already I will try another 3 baths and pray this is the cure for me if it is I will tell everyone to try it! Thanks for sharing this information with us! Pray it will be the end of my nightmare!

Thank you for the sea salt solution, I'm going to try it.