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Lucky #2 & A Half

This was more of a scare than anything else. I was getting on the expressway after work at night in my new Tacoma (rear wheel drive) and it was icy. I was on my way to my gf's dorm for her birthday gift (see My First Time story) so I really wasn't paying proper attention to the road if you get my drift. At the top of the entrance ramp, I must have over accelerated or something, because next thing I know my truck starts fishtailing. First, I'm facing broadside to traffic then I'm heading for the guardrail. Luckily, I react well in these situations mostly on autopilot so I managed to get it headed back in the appropriate direction. So, shaking like a leaf, I proceeded on my way to my gf's but at a slower speed. I was stupid and lucky.
PrairieDog71 PrairieDog71 41-45, M Jun 6, 2012

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