Many Many Scars.

i have one on my lip where my brother tor half my lip off when i was 2, i have a scar on my head under my hair in the back where he hit me in the head with an iron pip when i was 6, when i was 8 i believe, he was chasing me and i fell and even though the skin didnt break, it left an odd line on my knee three inches long and its been there ever since.

more resent scars, self harm. ive got a few words carved in to my right arm. then just some regular cuts on my shoulder. im going to the doctor next week and im scared as hell, im going to get a check up on my heart AND for depression. hopefully i will be put on anti depressants but i wont be able to hid the two every LARGE cuts on my wrist, everyone at work sees them, ive been called out in public at work, someone called me a cutter. humiliating, but when i go to the doctor i wont be able to hid them and the doc might think im suicidal and i dont want them to think that or they could tell my family. i live alone but my grandmother runs the health clinic and my mother is a nurse (not there). if they think im at a risk of killing myself theyd rat me out. i just hope the scars mean just what they are, scars, in the past, non present. as long as i dont cut any time when i go see the doctor maybe they will believe that part of me is behind me.
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1 Response Jul 24, 2010

your lips look fine to me.