Head To Foot....

I meant that literally. I have a scar on the back of head from when I was seven and my bunk beds collapsed.  One on my neck where I cut myself shaving when I first started using a straight razor.  On my upper right arm, just above my elbow, I have a scar where I managed to hook myself onto one of those long, skinny door handles and bury it eight inches into my arm. On my lower left arm, I have scars from a fight I got into when I was 20. My lower right arm has and right hand have a bunch of scars from when I punched through a window in eighth grade, and I get a lot of questions about one on my wrist in particular that looks I did it myself, which is especially annoying because it runs up my arm, not across it. I have one on my left hand that I got working on a model Batmobile when I was a kid. There's a scar just above my right ankle from another fight when I was 21. And, finally, there's a scar just below my right anklr from an incident when I was working at a factory that made car windows.

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OMG! Get away from car windows! glass--everything!!!