Gunshot Burn

I feel dumb. I teach gun safety.
Yet, all it takes is that one time.
I was trying to clear a jammed gun yesterday and I did it wrong. Put a 9mm hole through my wall and burnt my hand rather badly. Today you can see gun powder a couple skin layers deep.
That's one dumb scar.
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5 Responses Jul 30, 2010

Why thank you.. but I have enough of those stories without having to lie about this one. :D<br />
Would a fist fight because someone was picking on my mentally handicapped cousin count?

you could always twist the truth a little you know ;) like if anybody asks you how you got it, you could say you were fighting to defend some poor people from a robber with a gun, etc.

I agree..

Yes, God is good.

Damn Lucky that's all that happened