Do You Think Someone Could Know Everything About You...and Love You Anyway?

my left arm is a map of scars telling stories from my past. pain and trauma are etched into my well as anger and guilt! times have changed years have gone mind totally different, but the scars remain the same. a constant reminder that i dont quite fit into so called society. i dont blame people for reacting strangely when they see the viscious marks...its hard not to judge. judging people seems to be a survival instinct in the primordial part of our brain. but surely they should stick around long enough to make a second assessment...
it scares people to think what my past possibly could have entailed...yes, i was a victim, but as i grew older i became an aggressor, wanting to fight all the time, trying to take back the power that was taken from me...i am no innocent. now i have grown up, gained a better understanding and know the feeling of empathy, do i not deserve a second chance? i was just a child when i failed my first one. but i guess first impressions really do count...but i urge you to look again!!! look into my eyes, feel my soul, see the wonders in me...i am unique. do not fear me as i will always protect you, my morals favour those who have done no wrong. so see the good in me! there is so much good which was hidden from an early age. now it has reached the surface, my scars say "stay away" but times have changed! time will always i do not blame you for judging me, but dont be too quick to judge...explore my heart and then make your final descision of who i am today....
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Ah, but you see, you never failed the first time :) <br />
Judgment of others isn't a right, Many think it is. I used to be one of them ... until it happened to me ... and I lost everything. Now I live in freedom and give others the blessing to do so, too. <br />
Thank you for sharing your story. :)

First:<br />
Do You Think Someone Could Know Everything About You...and Love You Anyway? Yes, very definately yes!<br />
<br />
Then...<br />
I don't have any scars but I know people that do. And I don't judge them because of their scars. I think scars are beautiful, mysterious and they always tell a story and no one should ever be judged for their scars.

yes, i feel very much the same way. i have very fair skin so the marks and scars show on me pretty clearly. sometimes people look at me and and wonder, and i always keep quiet or try to change the subject, hoping they wont ask me any questions. <br />
I'm trying to get my life on track, i try to be 'normal' like other people, i try to hide that i am depressed. someday, i hope i can become a professional and have a job and take care of myself and my family, live the 'simple kind of life'. So when i meet other people who have cuts, i understand how they feel and wouldn't judge them negatively. I understand that sometimes, you will fall a few, or even a hundred before you learn how to walk.