My Scars

I have quite a few and I remember how and when I got them all.

The biggest one is one that grows with me as I grow. It was an inch when I was a baby and now is about two inches on my right thigh. The doctors had to perform a muscle biopsy. When my skin turns red, you can see the stitch marks. Then when I was in kindergarten, I fell on some large pavement-type stairs and got a long, skinny scar on the left side of my left knee.

When I was a little older, I walked into a sprinkler head that was hidden in the grass. The scar is a big, dark circle on my right leg, front bottom, and yes, it was as bad as it sounds. When I was in my 20s, my dog a bull mastiff wanted to play while I wanted to sleep. He in trying to play accidentally scratched my back and my left arm. My left arm has a long, thin scar and the only reason I thought to check it at that moment was because it wasn't just sore, but wet and sticky.

When I was about 30, I went in for medical treatment from stress. The nurse let me know she was new - not good to tell someone who is terrified of needles - and the iv needle she was trying to put in me failed. She was literally fishing around with the needle partially in my right hand to put it in the vein in my right hand. Me crying didn't have her stop either. There is a scar tiny like a pinpoint on the top of my right hand - opposite my right palm. Then a more experienced nurse comes in. Has her stop. Puts it in the right side of my left wrist. There is a scar there the size of a stitch.

When I was 31, I dropped a napkin when I was eating out.  I didn't know til later that the butterknife had landed on my right thigh.  An arch shaped cut and blood was seen later.

When I was 32, my right arm was split open. There is a huge scar on my right arm below my elbow on the outside of the arm. The part that got split and the nasty bruise that didn't heal properly. Also when I was 32, stress caused huge hives that were literally the sizes of baseball-knots. They went away and left behind black scarred, cloudy splotches. A bunch on my right thigh on the side and one line of clusters on my left arm by the scar my playful pet gave me.
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36-40, F
May 25, 2011