A Lost Little Girl...

i was exposed to cutting when i was 13 through my first love, he use to cut and i didn't understand what it was so i was ok with it. my mother emotionaly abbused me for years and i could not deal with it anymore and started cutting...i am not addicted and want to stop but i really don't know how i have attempted suiside a few times but they failed and just landed me in the hospital being looked at difrently by staff and doctors and with even bigger scars to hide. i am starting to overcome it but i still want to cut a lot. i havent cut in over 3 mons now but the urge is ALWAYS there.
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that breaks my heart

Thanks for speaking up. Someone close to me has suffered abuse - but I don't want to elaborate on details. I'm going to look for some resources they relied on for recovery.<br />
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They are quite a different person, and their outlook on life is much brighter. Hang in there! *hug* Msg me if I don't respond again soon enough.

Its always there for me to, i guess its normal... Coming from a not normal person, hahaha! Anyways, If you want some suport, message me.