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The Woodsplitter

Sitting in hospital texting with one hand. A simple and common accident yet still annoying. I crushed my thumb between a log and the base plate. It was a gnarly piece of wood that slid and got me as the ram came down. My thumb hurts and I'll need stitches, but Im more concerned about how it will effect my ability to caress and massage a special lady when I get to see her. Oh well, at least it's not broken. I think of her and I feel no pain.

"It is simple enough to be happy,
When life flows like a song,
But the man worthwhile is he who can smile,
When everything goes dead wrong".
valiant62 valiant62 36-40, M 2 Responses Jan 8, 2013

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We think of him and feel no pain...

Wish I could be there....