Four little girls died in a church, im one girl dying from hurt; the pain I feel stays concealed and my pastor says I need to be healed but how, how is the question because i know its too late but then he says I have to have faith; but im lost, confused, and sometimes so sure which sounds contridicting but this usually happens in this world. In a world that we decide to lie, steal, and cheat then we have kids who are dying or being beat. Theres also some who are just like me, we struggle with living and do bad things for a release. For example we fight and pop pills or decide to smoke weed and cut for the feel. So my question is how do we become healed when this world is so bad and the devil prevents us from going down to kneel ...
LonelyAmbitionxoxo LonelyAmbitionxoxo
18-21, F
Jan 17, 2013