Caught A Bad Fall

I was down at my husband's parents house, at the time we was still dating. And at his parent's house they have these steps that go down a long ways and it's really dark at night and hard to see these steps. When I stayed up there on weekends we would stay out in the camper cause the house was too crowded. And I went in real late one night to get some drinks. And I came out, walked down the steps and I missed the bottom step and fell flat down. The bottle of coke came flying out from my hand and went across the grass, it was a plastic bottle so it didn't break lol. I got up, didn't cry though and hobbled back to the camper. I was in pain and I didn't tell anyone about it cause I don't like people making a big fuss over me sometimes. I crawled into bed and my leg was in pain and it hurt for me to rub it across the bed and sheets. I was afraid to wake up the next morning and see a bunch of blood but I didn't. I was wearing sweat pants when all this happened and it didn't bleed or rip the pants. I was shocked but it did cut my leg real deep that you could see the tissue. It stayed sore around the cut for several weeks. And now I have a bad scar on my left leg. When I fell I hit a rock, his parents had a rock pathway from the stairs to the yard and I fell and hit that. I figured that my right leg didn't get damaged but I think I hurt my knee in the process. Because ever since it happened I have pains that run through it and if I sit with my leg in the same position for a long time and get up I have a hard time walking for a few seconds. I have a knee brace for it and sometimes that helps but not alot. I would go to the doctor for it but I'm afraid they'll holler knee surgery. And I know people that's had that done and they never feel the same after it plus I can't afford to have it done i got to work. So I guess I have to play through the pain.
tngurl25 tngurl25
26-30, F
Jan 20, 2013