I have a scar.  For some reason  it freaks me out.  It has done for as long as I can remember. I get so embarrassed if I think people are looking at it.  Maybe they're not, but I blush so badly and feel so embarrassed.  It has been ongoing since I was a kid though I only ever told one close friend how it really made me feel.  It wasn't easy to talk about it.  I hope someone out there understands how I feel.  Someone who maybe has had or has a similar problem?  Trouble is why do I care so much about what people might think?  It was left from a childhood accident.  To some it may be no big deal but it freaks me out and because it's on my hand it's difficult to hide or disguise.  Any ideas on how to overcome this problem?

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I have several scars in several places. Most of them are very noticable. I also catch people starring at me and looking at me like im crazy. Ive had them for so long that it really doesnt bother me anymore, because I know they know what the scars mean or why there there. My scars remind me everyday of what use to be and what I have made it though, and I am somewhat proud of them. I survived them, and they are my reminder.

i think people are rude and they shouldnt be starring!

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