Scars That Time Will Heal.. everyone else..i know time will heal everything for everyone..

Scars hurt a lot but we are stronger..scars prove we are..

A new day always begin,bright,we see the light-dont forget we have to try,everything is clear if we open our eyes.Every scar is every one thing we ve learned in life.

ur heart is strong enough to handle anything,trust and listen your heart*


annasangels annasangels
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some day are scars will be gone .

Very true the hard times we face is what makes who we are.

Hive five Sr .........<br />
<br />

wow..thanxs both of u,i love what u said..

the scars on our hearts <br />
play the biggest part<br />
they are the start<br />
they make us who we are<br />
learning from them takes us far<br />
their lessons help to shape our hearts

Good advice Angel ....... Scars worn as a badge of honor<br />
A medal perhaps of previous campaigns , Or an invitation to tend and soften ...... to begin again ...