They Run Deep.

After losing many things in life. I think that if you know me you may think hands.. No,.. You may think it was a miracle to get transplants. Yes. The scar that hurts the most is the marriage and then divorce I went through. I would not wish it on my worst enemy....
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Thanks all !

Thanks all !

Thanks all !

Thanks IVFP !

Hugs and kisses to you Dorothy.........

You are right about the scars that you talk about Chris - the emotional ones - sometimes they can look and feel like they are healed and then you look again and they are open and sore - grieving is a back and forth process that takes time and more time.<br />
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I hurt to know that you are still hurting but I am not surprised because you are a kind-hearted person and it had to hurt to go through what you went through. You are so strong and full of life and hope - I don't worry about you getting through this and coming out better for it - I KNOW you will!!

Thanks Mike ..........

Thanks Mahal..........

Chris, I don't know if I ever told you, but when my 1st wife divorced me, she left me with custody of my 6-year-old daughter. I raised her by myself and I remarried ten years later. I know exactly how you feel. But there are compansations, my friend. and the wounds will heal.

Thanks all........

Thank you Pedro so true I feel what your saying as well !!

Backintown I do remember you..... And yes we are here for a short time. And as I know I was given a second chance as well. I really appreciate your comment.. God Bless,.....

Mewold I am glad you have a wife you love.. Botable is a great person for you God Bless !!

My friend, I was married to my 1st wife for 9 years and I worshiped the ground she walked on. She devorced me because she grew tired of hiding the fact that she had been cheating on me for 6 years. I thought I could never get over the loss. I even contemplated suicide.......... I have been married since 1981 to my third wife. She is the light of my life. Things do get better. I can atest to that. If you ever want to talk privately, I am here, my friend.

Facing my fears it is the 25 years of knowing her and the time we spent together is mostly why.......

Limette thank you for your comment very well said !!!

I read some of your stories and yah, you seem to have gone through a lot physically & emotionally, but unfortunately the emotional scars do take a lot more time to heal, don't they...but you seem to have faith in yourself and in life, so you'll'll be just fine and someday you will meet the "ONE " for you! may take time, but it will be worth waiting, you'll see. ; )

Thanks berbuletta I think your right and I appreciate your comment..

Thanks so much Shorties Secret.. I am looking and hopefully it does work out.....

Thank you Pix for commenting and I am buckling up now and following your advice ! Thanks my friend.

Oh CJ ((((hugs)))) I can't completely understand your hurt because my split was's a completely different animal....<br />
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CJ... when you least expect it you are going to come across a girl who is going to just knock your socks off!!!!!!!!!!! She is going to make you forget all of this heartache and will transport you to a new life full of love and hope!!!!!!!!!!! Just be patient ok? It takes time!

Candy your so sweet and good to me. I love you too !!!!!!

I lov u Chris and pray this too heals soon!! holding you close to my heart forever!!! X's

Thank you EL so very true.,

Thank you Angel. I do believe I am here for a reason. And thank you for your support..

Unshakable so true. Time does heal all. Being here at EP helps as well... Thanks..

The hidden scars are the ones that takes time to heal.All good and bad things will pass.Blessings and Peace.