i keep having the same nightmares me being back in that damn cage and the day my sister was raped in front of me and i couldn't do anything.... i want them to stop... that all i want....its killing me from the inside and since those days a cycle of bad and good has gone on and on, more bad then good this..... cycle will repeat until I die... I will most likely die slowly, painfully, this doesn't bother biggest fear though.. is dieing alone. i dont wanna die alone...i know im going to hell i know that much but i know my family is waiting for me and so are everyone of those basterds that did this to me....Part of my Faustian Contract says that when i die and go to hell i will be able to torture them for the rest of eternity.
PrinceBloodlust PrinceBloodlust
18-21, M
Sep 18, 2012