Schamberg's... I Thought It Was A Joke.

When I first saw a dermatologist, he took one look at my leg and said, "oh, that's schamberg's disease." I actually thought he was joking and muffled out a laugh because that sounded way too serious. No way these spots on my leg was a disease!? I was told I have a textbook case and all the other doctors were asked in to take a look. I was sent off with a prescription for a steroid cream and the heavy thought of having no cure.

My spots started small on my shin several years ago. Lasted about a month, then disappeared and I never thought much more of it. Then about 6 months ago it showed up again, but this time I noticed it grower larger... and darker, about the size of an apple smack dab in the middle on the front of my shin. Very noticeable and of course very hard to not be self-conscious about. After research online because the doctors are of no help other than "deal with it", I started taking vitamin c tablets 2x a day and my spots started fading considerably. However, I am not sure it is related because as the old spots have faded to a light brown, I have a new patch starting right beside that is now bright and a smaller one closer to my ankle. I also notice that after I shower, the heat in the water really brings out the redness. Always looks worse after I shower.

I am so upset because I have not had to go through a summer with this yet, as it started last fall. I am preparing myself for the upcoming summer. But am finding myself getting depressed because I am not sure I will be able to just throw on summer dresses or clothing that reveals my legs because the rash really is ugly. It's a been a tough time. I am going to consider adding Rutin and I also heard somewhere that certain medications, (including birth control) could potentially make it worse, so I have just discontiued the use of birth control to see if that helps.

One thing I need notice was that I used to take B12 supplements, and when I stopped was when the first rash really started fading. Again, not sure if that is related. I would really appreciate to communicate with anybody else dealing with Schamberg's.

I ALSO STARTED A FACEBOOK SUPPORT PAGE. Search under Schamberg Disease on facebook and plese join.
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I was diagnosed with Schamberg Disease last year and immediately went to a dermotologist. I am a research fanatic and I have read many discussions written by people that have the disease. I have been comparing my lifestyle, symptoms and treatments to theirs looking for a common link. This is what I have found out so far. My Schamberg issues started when I began a very rigorous new work out routine. I was taking B6 aqnd B12 and a very good multi vitamin. I noticed cayanne pepper looking spots on my ankles which quickly spread up my shins. My dermotologist perscribed triaminicylone cortisone cream and they started to fade right away. I have recently started training again and I have been taking B6 and B12 injections for 6 weeks. Interesting huh? I eat very well and have great blood levels.

From what I read the blood vessles/capillaries leak and the iron at the skin causes the spots. I also researched leaky blood vessles and every article says more Vitamin C. Many Schambergs posters have reported relief and improvement with cortisone cream and increasing vitamin C. Those are the steps I plan to take. I do not take any other medications. If you have any similar habits or information let me know. And if you find something that works better let me know.

I just joined your support group on Facebook which I appreciate because it will be a help to me. I was diagnosed last week after dealing with these spots since February. I am a 22 year old girl and I love showing off my legs in the summer with dresses and skirts and I am also a lifeguard so this will be the first summer I will have to deal with this disease and I am extremely self conscious now because of them. I have an appointment with my doctor to talk about possibly treatment options such as light therapy. Has anyone tried that? I want to find some answers before I agree to anything.

I tried the rutin in the form of rutascorbin which I ordered online and so far have had no outbreaks at all. I also have a familial bleeding issue from the capillaries of my kidneys and that has improved as well. I don't know if it's due to the rutascorbin but it's inexpensive and worth the try.

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Also just a note that if anyone wishes to run the page with me, I am looking for Admins.... let me know and I can add you :)

I searched for the Schambergs site on FB but couldn't find it. Is it still active?

My first summer was horrible. I wore pants until it hit 104 and I didn't care anymore.....I put shorts on and just told people what it was and thAt it is not contagious. One lady ran after me in the store telling me I had bruises all over my legs and I said no I don't but she wouldn't believe me. Ha ha I guess I was very sad by it, but I am getting used to it. Four years now with it.

On the issue of Summer: My Schamberg's eruptions are, instead of large spots, smaller spots that cover every inch of my legs. I used to be sooooo self conscious about how ugly they were. You really do get used to how it looks after a while, though. Well, I just stopped caring about what people thought. Vitamin C has helped mine fade too, though.

Mine started as hundreds of small spots that cover my lower legs but more predominantly the shin and left side of each leg. I was just diagnosed today. Glad I saw your post as many are talking about their initial spot but mine felt like an epidemic of spots from day one. Got some Vitamin C today and my Dr prescribed Desonide Cream to try and help fade it but it is so depressing when other than the cream, you are pretty much dismissed in the Dr office as a lost cause. It's incurable, chronic, here's some cream, maybe it will help.

My story is similar to your. I started with one spot on my shin in December that grew quite large and was joined by 3 or 4 more on the back of my legs at the end of January. By the time I saw the Dr. in early February there were 10, then 18, then 30, then I stopped being able to count them. They spread to both legs, upper and lower, and my abdomen. I started taking Ascorbic Acid (plant ba<x>sed) and Rutin, Around the beginning of April my spots started to fade to a yellowish brown color, like old bruises. I am forming new spots, but slowly, and they are more diffuse, less angry than my first outbreak was. I too was distressed by the total lack of concern as to WHY this was happening. I have some hematological issues (consistently high MCV, hypocellularity of the bone marrow, and my B12 was low but has responded to B12 supplements that I have been taking for about 5 years. I still take B12 to keep my B12 levels up). I also have patchy numbness up the fronts of my legs that my neurologist considers to be an early neuropathy, probably caused by my decreased B12 until it was detected and treated. I'm not sure I agree with this, as it was several years after starting B12 that I started noticing the numbness. My concern is that all these things are related somehow, and I am really curious as to whether other women with Shamberg's (or men too, I guess) also have any of these other conditions.