I Have Schambergs For Over 16 Yes

Hi, my name is Trisha and I have had schambergs for over 16 years now . Wasn't diagnosed till late
I saw 2 physicians who had no clue, then the derm
Said take a biopsy. They came back schambergs. Derm and doctor
Just printed stuff on the Internet for me and said there wasn't much they could do.
I have been trying to pinpoint the outbreaks, I journal everything.
I break out on my legs, upper and lower, arms and my face at times.
I spread with the little red dots fast. For me, it seems
Heat does make it break out more, standing for long period of time,
Stress,I do get very itchy and tingly before they breakout.
I saw a rheumatologist , he took all blood work, urine, and it all came back normal.
My follow up visit hd said it's just schambergs, it's not like your going to die from this.
I followed with really? They still don't know much about this disease, so how can u really say this?
I tried vitamins, k cream, I still do the vitamin c with riboflavinoids.I was using horse chestnut, doc told me to not take that
As it causes thrombosis.I am so happy I found this site. I am going to read through the stories.
I felt I was the only one I knew that had this annoying thing.
I hate wearing shorts during the summer. I do havebloating in my legs and I feel it's from schambergs.
Has anyone else experienced that? Has anyone seen an immunologist? My friend keeps suggesting I see one.

Thankyou for letting me share my story. Can we post photos of our schambergs?

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I have had schambergs for about a year now. The red dots has gone away but now I have white spots all over my arms and legs and I don't know what the white spots are.

Thanks but not on birth control pills. thanks for the suggestion.im open to all suggestions. i have stopped certain vitamins and i know dyes and some say preservatives do it as well. i am watching what i eat and every action that i take.i am trying to narow it down the best way i can. doctors want nothing to do with this because they dont think its serious.okay its not that bad but talk to someone who has it,then say its not that bad.<br />
i appreciate you taking the time to write down your comment. i will write that down as a possible no-no.<br />
thanks again<br />

I was diagnosed with Shambergs in 2005 after trying to treat what I thought was Ringworm for several months. My dermatoligist said that in some women, birth control was the culprit. Well it jsut so happens right about that time, I wanted to have a baby and I got off the pill, my spots went away immediately. I went back on a different pill after having my baby, and still have not had an occurance.<br />
<br />
Good luck!