Shambergs - Vitamin C Worked For Me

I was diagnosed with shambergs disease 3 weeks ago. Six weeks prior I developed a rash on the front of both my lower legs, side and underneath feet and a little bit on my hands. I thought I'd had a reaction to something so took antihistimine for a week, but having no improvement went to the Dr. She didn't know what it was and arranged for lots of blood tests, Aids, Hepatitis, Syphillis, Diabetes and lots of others. I was very distressed thinking I had one of these illnesses, but all the test came back negative, a relief but I still didn't know what was wrong, so more blood tests again negative so an appointment was made with a skin specialist. It took 3 weeks to get an appointment and in the mean time lots of worrying, didn't help looking on the internet, thinking I had some scarey exotic virus. Also very stressful with the red rash as I'm a girly girl who lives in dresses/skirts, but was too embarrased to show my legs. So finally go to the skin specialist who says it Shambergs disease so a relief to know what it is, that its not serious to my health, but not so great as he doesn't know if it will go or stay, luck of the draw. However he did say that some people have a success with using vitamin C. So I figured, nothing to loose with taking vitamin C, and after some online research found the King of vitamin C supplements to take is called Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C. This vitamin c suppliemnet is quickly absorbed and dramatically increases the amount of vitamin c usable by the body. So I bought some, it comes in 1000mg sachets with a gel like vitamin c inside, and I take two sachets a day, one in the morning & one at night. In one week I saw a dramatic improvement, I'd had this bright red rash all over my front lower legs for six weeks but a week after taking the vitamin c it was 90% gone. All you can see now is very faded light brown marks, like uneven skin tone, you wouldn't even notice it if i didn't point it out. I'm still taking the vitamin C and its possible that it could have faded if I'd done nothing, but I believe the vitamin c cured the rash, as it hadn't changed at all until I started taking it. I buy it from an online site in NZ, but check online to see if you can purchase in your country, if not I get it from,nz. I also purchased the book from his site 'vitamin c, curing the incurable' by Dr Thomas levy which was really interesting, about how high doses of vitamin c can cure many illnesses. Anyway I just wanted to let people know, as if it helps one person as it did myself, I'm pleased as I know how upsetting this rash is.
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Started taking Lypo-Spheric Vit C within days my
Schaumbergs is fading

Hello.........I have been very recently told that I have is pretty
much dotted all over my legs like chickenpox (thats what I think it looks like) and I have a couple marks on my fore arms, these seem to be more under control than the marks on my legs. They are bright red and dotty and seem to spread out the longer they have been there. The ones on my left leg seemed to have grouped together in one place to form a rusty mark with bright red spots!!! We go away this weekend to a spa so I will be in a swimming costume all weekend.........bad enough anyway without the added marks. I have worked very hard recently to loose weight and tone up and was feeling a lot more confident until the dreaded rash appeared. My Doctor was quick to take bloods and test for what sounds like everything under the sun................results so far are all good. I had a very large sore ulcer appear on my tonsil at the same time so I am thinking maybe it could have been viral. Shortly before the rash appeared I had changed my contraceptive pill so I am also wondering could this be to blame. I have stopped this medication in hope the rash would clear up. No such luck as of yet. I wouldn't say the rash is persistently itchy but It does make me want to scratch every now and then (but maybe this is in my head) it does however burn every now and then which I have read on other posts and also my limbs seem to ache a bit........maybe I am going crazy I mean the doctor tells me I am fine right!!!!

Enough moaning.....this rash will clearly be sticking around for a while so here is what I am going to do about it.

1) I started to take 1000mg of Vitamin C ON Monday, Twice a day in tablet form. The also have BIOFLAVANOIDS.

2)I have been applying arnica Cream - it is quite cooling but I am giving this up

3)In desperation for a quick fix I tried a 3 min blast on the sun bed (I know I know) and that made no difference but then again does three minutes ever make a difference.

4) Today after further research I purchased Rutin Tablets from the local health food shop (I live in England) and also after reading the success of Horsechestnut tablets I purchased some horse chestnut cream. I didn't want to oraly take any more tablets...........

So I have accepted that I will look like a Dalmatian this weekend but I will keep you all updated on my supplement success......

Who knows I may throw in another sun bed.

Would be great to hear from more people.

Great to hear you had success with the lypo spheric vit c, I'm so pleased for you and actually a little bit teary :-) The rash has never returned to my legs, I still take the vit c everyday, would love to hear from you in another couple of months to hear how you're getting on.

I'm very appreciated and thankful for your post. I'm the one who suffered from Schamberg's disease since January 2012. I went to see about 9 doctors. Some doctors said i had suffered from vasculitis.I took steriod and allergy medicine for 2 times for 1 month each time. All rashes are gone but after stop taking it, it comes back and it's worse. I also did blood testing but all result are good. It was very stressful with the symptoms I had as i'm a girl like you always wearing dresses/skirts/shorts. Also the worrying whether I have a serious illnesses like viruses, SLE, medulla...until I met skin specialist doctor and he confirms that it is Schamberg's disease. I've got a presc<x>ription with vit c, vit b, protein and some other. I had take it for 3 weeks but it's not better. Until i searched the internet and found your post!! I think it is nothing to lose to try. I've started to take Lypo-Spheric vit c 3 weeks ago. And after 10 days I've taken it. I can see the significant changes. The red rashes are tremendously decrease. Most of it will be faded light brown. But apart from Lypo-Spheric Vit c , I also take collagen as well. As it's also help with the connective tissue and blood vessel. I take protocol collagen with it is collagen type 1 and 2. I will continue taking Lypo-Spheric Vit c with hoping that some rashes left and brown marks will all gone soon. But i'm going to change to take collagen with type 1 and 3 instead. I'm really thankful to kiwigirl9 and also others who have tried Lypo-spheric and share your experiences. I hope my post might be useful for someone who suffer from Schamberg's disease as well. And wish who are suffered from Schamberg disease will be recovered from it soon.

Yea! I love to hear this. I too saw Kiwigirl's original post and had to try the Lypo Spheric. You'll see my other posts in this thread, but it totally worked for me. I no longer take the lypo-spheric. I probably haven't in 3 months and so far, no reoccurence! So glad it worked for you!

Thank you for sharing. I bought some vitamin c tablets yesterday and rutin online. I hope mine will fade.

Thank you for posting this. I had just about given up on trying to figure out what to do since my various doctors have no clue other than to suggest compression socks. I'm going to try the vitamin C and vitamin K as well. No more alcohol too.

hi, my name is Matt and i started Lypo-spheric vitamin C today and i have Schambergs..will post every 5 days

hey i was wondering if this worked for you. i am using the lypho-spheric vitamin c as well, its been about 3 weeks so far. It has gotten a little better but not much. I would appreciate it if you would let me know if it cleared up your spots.

Thank you for this info. I am very grateful! I have suffered with this embarrassing disease for 4 years. Not fun! I know there are worse things then this but it has affected my life. I bought the lypo-spheric sachets about a month ago and I also take Vit K. I have almost eliminated gluten in my diet. There is a huge improvement! The dermatologist told me it was the worst case he ever saw and there was nothing I could do about it. This disease is a form of capillaritis, anything ending in "itis" is an inflammation. Our bodies are in a state of inflammation due to our poor diets and stress. Reduce the inflammation and enjoy good health.<br />
I want to thank everyone here for writing and sharing their experiences!!<br />
I will keep you posted, I am very confident I will conquer this!

I am so glad things are working for you! My spots are gone. Even the darker ones that were on my calf. I continue to take the lypo spheric vitamin c. My plan is to take it once daily... but there are days I forget. I am at least taking it 4-5 a week once a day. Good luck!

Just an update. I've been taking the lypo-spheric sachets 2 x a day for 10 days and my spots are definitely lighter than they were 10 days ago. I'm hoping they are on their way out for good. I'll post another update at the end of the month.

Thanks so much for the follow up. I started taking the Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C on Friday and I swear that some spots are already a little lighter (although it could be my imagination and wishful thinking). Hopefully I'll have the success you did. I have been reading up on Vit C and the benefits. Very interesting. I'll definitely read the books you mentioned. It fascinates me. Thanks again!

Hi. I'm curious as to how things are still going for you. I have ordered the lypo-spheric vitamin c and am anxious to get started.

A month after taking the vitaminc my rash disappeared and has never returned. I first took 2 sachets a day (morning &amp; evening) and when the rash cleared changed to 1 sachet a day. As its in a gel form I found the easiest way to take it is to put a little bit of water in a cup, then add the vit c and then drink it in one swallow. After the success I had with lypo-spheric vit c, I have read a lot about it, the king dr of vit c is Dr Thomas Levy, he's just put a new book out which I recomend to anyone to read as its life changing for your health, is called Primal Panacea. It tells you how people need vit c to clear out any viruses, bacteria, toxins that enter your body and the sicknesses vit c can help and how it works. A chapter on the benefits of taking it in the lypo-spheric form also why the drug companys don't want you to know about the benefits of vitamin c which prevents disease as they want their drugs out there for cures. I'm confident you'l have success using this. Also since I've started taking this vit c I haven't had one day sick.

I am also taking Vitamin C for the same problem. It looks like the rashes are fading a bit now. Since I just started taking the Vitamin about two weeks ago, it is too early to tell if this is the cure for it though. Only time will tell.

I wish you well with the vitamin c, I'm still taking it, one sachet a day because I'm scared shambergs will come back it I stop and also the vitamin c is good for you so might stop me catching other germs. My rash totally went and never came back. I really hope it goes well for you, if you don't have success try the type of vitamin c I took, it really is a potent way of taking it.