My Story With Shaumbergs

I learned I had Shaumbergs a little over 2 years ago and for me, it hasn't become much of a problem.  I was seeing my rheumatologist for fibromyalgia which is my major health problem along with migraines and he noticed that I had this rash on my legs.  I had noticed it somewhat but just thought it was related to the hair follicles on my legs from shaving, however my doctor noticed the red rash and became concerned that it might be a more serious blood vessel condition.  Anyway, he had me go to see a dermatologist who took one quick look at the rash and immediately diagnosed me with Shaumbergs disease.  No skin biopsies or tests of any kind, just the pronouncement that this was what I had.  He told me that it might get itchy from time to time and that when that happened I could use cortisone cream on it but other than that there wasn't much of anything that was being done for the condition except in extreme conditions which mine wasn't and he dismissed me.

I occasionally get itchy skin and when that happens I rub on a little cortisone cream and that helps but other than that, I haven't really had any issues to deal with from my Shaumbergs.  This year I've felt like its almost disappeared so I must be doing something right as the rash is almost entirely gone.  Its made me wonder if I've been lacking something in my diet that's been corrected, or was getting too much of something that maybe I've cut back on?  I know that I was deficient in Vitamin D for several years and I now have that corrected but I have not seen any reports on whether Vit D is related to Shaumbergs or not.

Anyway, I am just glad that my case is mild as I've seen photo's of some people who have very severe cases of it who have drastic rashes.

Oh, does anyone with Shaumbergs also have Rosacea?  I wonder if there is a connection between the conditions.

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1 Response Jan 29, 2012

Nope, no roseca. So far many many of the people I read online that have talked about their schamberg's disease have not mentioned this.