My Experience With Schamberg's

At the beginning of this year, I noticed a spot on the back of my leg that looked like it was made up of multiple red dots. I showed it to my husband and he mentioned that maybe it was a bruise... the capillaries looked broken. I didn't think much of it, but over the next few weeks, as I lotioned my legs in the morning after a shower, I noticed these spots were starting to show on both of my legs. I thought it was dry skin as I have exczema on my shin. The spots got darker and were all over both legs from the knees down. I then found the same type of spot on my arm and three light ones on my thigh. I started to panic... and then I started to research. Everything I found pointed to schamberg's. A doctor then confirmed it and said there is really nothing to do. It may go away it may not. This was not acceptable. I'm 34 years old and summer is on the horizon. While the spots did not hurt or itch... they made me sad and embarrassed.

I think I read every published article on Schamberg's and every message board post and forum. I saw a lot of mention of Vitamin C. Then I found Kiwigirls post on this page about the lypo-spheric vitamin c. I started reading up on it and it made sense to me. I figured it couldn't hurt either. I purchased it on amazon.

I have been taking 2 packets of the lypo-spheric vitamin C for a month now. One in the morning and one at night. I can honestly say that this is working and my spots are going away. Some are totally gone and the ones that I can still see, are very faint. If I wore shorts, you probably wouldn't notice them. I do have 2 that were the darkest of them all and they are a very faint brown and you can hardly see them. I am going to continue to take this 2x a day until its gone totally. Once it is, I'll continue to take 1 packet a day and hopefully keep it away for good.

One thing I did notice... my legs are as white as can be from not seeing the sun all fall and winter. We had a bit of nice weather this weekend and I was in capri's. My lower legs got a little pink from the sun and that evening it looked like my spots were red again... but by the next day they had faded back to what they were prior to the sun. I'm going to keep an eye on this.

If you are discouraged or embarrased and don't know what to do about this... you are not alone! I honestly didn't think anything would work for me even though I read that it had for others. I was so happy when I noticed them lighter in only a few days time.

The only other vitamin I am taking is Horse Chestnut Seed Extract. I take 2 a day (with food or after meals). They are supposed to promote good circulation in legs. I figured that couldn't hurt either. I really think its the Vit C that is helping the schamberg's, but maybe this helps a bit too.

Good luck!
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Hey simplyjodie, I would like to thank you for all the natural remedies. After battling this ringworm on my leg for over a year and a half I finally went to the Dermo. I was informed it was most likely Schambergs...NEVER HEARD OF IT! Trolling the computer for info I found you...thank you so much, I was getting kinda sad but you made my day. I am going out for the vitamins and extract tomorrow.
Take care,

I hope everything works for you. Here I am 18 months later and still no reoccurence. I'm hoping it is a thing of the past :)

Hello Fellow Sufferers, :(

Again, my story is the same with the onset and development of the tiny cluster of red dots/spots, turning into a solid brown "bruise." Simplyjodie's testamonial is very encouraging!
My question is, did you try to purchase the vitamin C packets from a health store first and weren't successful?
Is the Internet the only place people can buy this product?
What is the "brand" it is sold under?
I live in Canada and wonder if anyone else from Ontario knows of a supplier? I can easily research that out though.
Is there actually a possiblity of once again wearing pencil skirts and heels?! We woman need to dress like women!

I'm in Ohio and could not find it in the stores around me. I ordered it online from amazon. It was $29.99 for a box of 30. I took two a day until that box was gone and then I ordered a new box and took one a day and once that box was gone... so were my spots. I have a new box at home and I take one packet every couple of days and so far... no reoccurence. The brand is LivOn labs... or that is the manufacturer and it is called Lypo Spheric Vitamin C. If you google Lypo Spheric Vitamin C, you'll see a lot of links for it. Good luck! I swear it worked for me and I have never ever taken Vitamins for any other reason before. Now I am a believer.

Hello Simpleyjodie from Ohio,

And thank you for your reply. We are practically in each other's back yards! :D

I appreciate you taking the time to reply and giving out a little more information. I will definitely order a few boxes from the Internet and I think I will keep a journal to share with others about my personal progress. So many have said that the Lypo Spheric Vitamin C has helped them considerably.

The doctors who tell us that there is nothing that we can do to "cure" Schambergs, should also read the testamonials like yourself, to at least offer this information to their discouraged clients as another option they may want to try to the steriod creams they perscribe. I will certainly be letting my dermatologist know for the benefit of others.

Thank you again Simpleyjodie, and I'll post how I make out!

Blessings, Keerlin :D

Thank you so much for responding back. It is very difficult for me to get in contact with someone with my condition. Seems like many of the people who post are long gone. I started taking rutin which is a vitamin that strengthens the capillaries. It's only been a week...I'm anxious to see what happens. It's only been a week of rutin though...<br />
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P.s. Your spots were gone in one month or just faded? How long was it when you were no longer skeptical? <br />
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Thank you again!I truly appreciate your response.

Honestly... in a month... 5 weeks tops, they were gone. And I had some DARK patches on my legs. About 3 weeks after I started, I felt hope and knew they were going away. Good luck!!

Michelle - That is how it happened for me. Immediately they looked less red and I was skeptical, but in a few weeks they were just about gone. I stopped taking them all together in July and still have no reoccurence. It really worked for me. I agree... doctors need to know this. Good luck!!

Thanks for sharing. I've just started vitamin C and it's been 3 days. Spots aren't bright red anymore but it's too early to tell if it's the vitamin. I'm still waiting on my rutin which strengthens capillaries! Nice to hear yours cleared. I wish doctors would know this! My doctor was lame...seems like other people with our condition just get some expensive cream that doesn't work!

Just an update... My spots are gone. Even the very dark ones on my calf. I continue to take the lypo-spheric vitamin c because I do not want them to come back. I try to take them once a day, but do forget at times. I'd say I take them 5 times a week, once a day. This has kept everything at bay.<br />
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I have since been in the sun and have not noticed anything coming back. I am so glad I found this site and have found a solution to this disease.