Clobetasol Propionate Works For Schamberg's Disease?

I went to see the dermatologist about a month ago and i was diagnosed with schamberg's disease. The doctor gave me clobetasol propionate ointment usp, 0.05%. It is a corticosteroid medicine. The doctor told me to use it 2 times a day. Those rashes on my legs look lighter after using it. I went to see my doctor again for follow up and she told me to reduce the dose of clobetasol propionate to 1 time a day for another month. She told me that after I stop using the medicine, those rashes SHOULD NOT come back again. During the first visit to the hospital, I also asked her about the whether vitamin c will work for schamberg's disease. She told me she never heard that vitamin c can cure schamberg's disease, but she said I can try taking vitamin c because it won't hurt anyway. But I didn't try taking vitamin c because I want to see whether the clobetasol propionate works or not. Could anyone who have tried taking vitamin c tell me if it cure the disease completely? And after stopped taking the vitamin c, did the rashes come back? I really want the rashes to go away completely and don't want them to come back ever again!! I am a 20-year-old girl and I am afraid to wear shorts in summer because of this disease!! This is driving me crazy =[

I really appreciate if anyone respond to my post!! Thank you =]
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i went to my dermatologist and I was told to try vitamin c 500mg 2x per day as well as rotoside rutin 50 mg 2x per day. I looked up clarks and it is sold by 100mg or 500mg, I'm going to try it. I'm a 46yr old female and bummed about it.

Just an update of my condition right now: I was prescribed another steroid cream, the Triamcinolone Acetonide, yesterday. The rashea look pretty light now, but unfortunately my skin starts getting thinner after using the Clobetasol Propionate for 3 months, as the dermatologist has noticed (this is a different dermatologist then the one I saw before). I asked her about whether the vitamin k cream will work, because many people have mentioned it in different websites, and I don't want to keep on using the steroid cream, but she said the result is not sure, it may or may not work. I'm thinking of trying it if the rashes come back and after I stop using the steroid cream. Have anyone tried the vitamin k cream? If yes, could you give me the name of the product? I saw that the Vita-K brand has some product that works, does anyone know if it is the one for bruises or the one for spider veins? Thank you very much!!

Hi there! I used vitamin c for my schamberg's last year. It cleared up for me in a matter of 2 months after taking the vit c religiously. I then started taking the vit c every other day. In July or so I stopped taking it all together. As of today... I have not had the rash return and I no longer take the vitamin c. It did work for me. Now it has only been one year, but if I have one more sign of it... back to the vitamin c I go. I was taking the lypo spheric vitamin c.

Good Luck!

Hi! Thank you for your comment! You mentioned about the lypo spheric vitamin c, but did you try taking the regular vitamin c tablets from the pharmacy? I google about the lypo spheric vitamin c, but I'm not sure about if there are any side effects. Do you know if the regular vitamin c tablets will work?

I honestly don't know about the regular vitamin c. I think I read on here that people did have success with it, but I think it took a little longer than my experience. You can try it... it can't hurt :)