Diagnosed Yesterday...


I have had orange spots for over 6 months, but first I thought it was an allergie, then 2 doctors failed to provide a proper diagnosis.

I was diagnosed yesterday, but after reading online I found it odd the dermatologist didn't request  exams... However, I'm quite sure I have the disease and I went to a reknown doctor this time (and paid for it).

He recommended pills that here in Portugal are called "Prisma". Previously I had tried a lotion/cream with cortisone (I think) that provided a very temporary solution. After one week, the spots reappeared.

Hopefully the spots will disappear, but I'm now figuring out ways or covering the spots if I want to wear a skirt or shorts... Pantyhose are an option, they help keeping the skin tone even. And also I can put on some makeup - like a powder foundation.

Anyway, it's not too serious, it's just very annoying and unflattering.

Hopefully I can find here other solutions and better understand the disease.


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Regarding the biopsy effects, I had two biopsies... still have dark spots at those locations and I'm wondering when they'll fade, if ever. Also, biopsy may rule out lymphoma, but it was certainly a pricey (and painful) procedure! Not fun.<br />
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I'm taking Vitamin C and will add rutin back to my regimen. I've been without rutin for several weeks and the spots haven't decreased. Any Vitamin K recommendations?

There is so much info about Schamberg's Disease on the internet. I learned about Vit K and foods to eat. Also, a combo of Vit C (500mg 2x a day with rutin) helped others. I've just started with these. Someone else recommends castor oil packs. <br />
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I first got this after a cast on my leg was removed. I have very thin skin and bruise easily and the blotches on both of my legs -- knees down --are unsightly.<br />
Whenever I bump into something I get a dark maroon spot, even black, which takes forever to lighten, and never goes away. My dermatologist diagnosed it as Shamberg's without a biopsy. He said the wound from a biopsy would never heal. <br />
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I've read all the cures -- some sound a bit outlandish. I'm sticking to Vit C, Vit K, rutin and I'll see what happens. <br />
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An other coment out there?