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I am a family practice doctor and had never heard of this disease untill I was diagnosed about 3 weeks ago by a dermatologist. Even my internist had no idea what it was. It started out w/ a patch on my leg and now I am covered everywhere other than my face and hands. Considering the fact that I know this could be much worse ( as I see every day) , I am glad to have a "benign" skin condition.. Still, it just sucks.  I have also had the buring in my feet that I read about a couple of people having and am going to address it w/ the dermatologist next week when I follow up. I am hoping he will do a biopsy just for completeness sake. It certainly is no fun on this end of the stethascope.

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I have had the burning all over it had me out of bed at 3am befor

My biopsy confirmed pigmented purpuric dermatosis, though I have no itching. My petechiae began with four small patches dispersed over foot, legs and abdomen. In five months the condition has developed into patches all over my body (excluding my face). I agree, it sucks, but I'm glad that tights and leggings are in fashion.