All Most Give Up and a Care Giver Give Me Hope

I was sitting in chair every day and looking out the window and I have give up on hope that I have some one in my life and that I be some thing.

The Care Giver and I went to a Group home for Mental ill pepople that can not live in there homes.

I did not have family I was alone.

So I went to look.

Went home.

And Care Giver said some thing .

Don't give up.

There is some thing around the cornor and you give up you miss out on what it is.

She give me hope.

I called the place and say can I have my friends up there.

And he said if they can watch me and take care of me.

I was not that much gone.

Then I thought to my self.

I will do what she said.

It is amazing it was true.

I have Boyfreind and Son that don't leave to far way.

My Cousin found me and now I have family and now my adopited daughter is come home to be with me.

Just one Angle that God sent out to me that give me hope that is there.

I wanted to share my story .

If I did not listen to it is going to be ok it will be around the block and you will be happy.

I would missed out and be Group home with out my family and friends and miss out.

I hope I help some one out there is going to hurt them self.

It will get better .

Have hope.


lashanda lashanda
51-55, F
Feb 28, 2009