My Life Saver

i found out i was pregnant when i was 15 then through testing the doctors ran test on my tummy and baby and told me my baby boy had schizencephaly ,i froze. i am now 26 with a ten year old son who i was told would never walk ... and he does ! , well at three . he has never talked but i know wut he needs ... he loves water,music,and me and his sister !!!! i feel blessed that God trusted me with a gift life him !!!! i have never gave up on him !! True this does have its downs,one being other people staring and he is messy and likes to play throw the poop !! yay for mom/lol !!! 
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My daughter is she, she was diagnosed at 1 after her 1st seizure. She walks with a limp but she runs really fast, we are actually going to get a fitting for her leg braces today. But as far as speaking, there is a lot of blabber but I can see her effort in tryin to say words. I am praying for every child with this condition. It's in Gods hands

I have schizencephaly. I am fortunate as I have it in only one hemisphere and, besides weakness in my right side and wearing a leg brace, the only detrimental side effect is seizures. Sometimes the brace is painful on my foot and hardness has formed. I thought I could give you a heads up on it.

my daughter is 11 years old we found out she has shizencephaly. We were told she would never walk, talk and so on. She is running, talks a little, but has a Maestro. By Dynavox