My Lifelong Experience With Schizoaffective

Greetings everyone, you may call me Holly. Holly is my middle name, which i feel doesn't suit me but is a part of me much like my disorder. I'm 18 years old and have just recently been diagnosed. However, I've had experiences since I was young. I would have hallucinations of ghost like images and shadows. Around 13 I had problems with anorexia and I started seeing a skinny, bloody girl in a white dress with long black hair. She is one of the scariest hallucinations I have. As for delusions I'm not really sure what to say, since I can't really judge for myself what they are. I do have this delusion that everything that happens is somehow my fault and I deserve punishment. I have been sexually, mentally, and physically abused but I do not fit the criteria for PTSD. I do hear voices inside my head and occasionally outside. Only recently did I start hearing these voices, I heard these voices the night I went to the psych ward. (i will make another post about it) I hear static and with people's voices mixed in and I hear people screaming at me. Not sure what to say from here on, but I hope I will be able to make some friends here :) feel free to contact me
fireflysnow fireflysnow
May 21, 2012