I Heard Voices

Ok, so recently, this past week I have been drinking quite a bit with a friend of mine. Just everyday we go out drinking, or we rent movies and have a few beers. We have so much fun together. But she is able to work, and doesnt run the risk of getting "ill" from all this. The other night I had a 6 pack, and was not drunk at all. And I tried to sleep, and could not sleep all night long. But think I may have slept a little because I had a strange dream. But while I was awake. I heard this computer like voice in my head very clearly and all he said was "well" and then another voice, a women, just said "you look like your very wealthy." It really, really frightened me as I have never heard voices before!
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1 Response Aug 19, 2012

You shouldn't drink. Every time I drink, my symptoms are greatly exacerbated. I used to drink to treat the symptoms, but the relief is only temporary at best, and the negative downside is bad enough to make drinking unwise for any reason.