Paranoid Schizophrenia Diagnosis Changed My Life

i was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia along with Borderline Personality Disorder when i was 17. ive been to sever pshychiatrists since i was 13, and none of them could give me an answer until 4 years later. i always felt different, expecially when i would hear multiple voices talk about me and telling me to hurt myself and others. once i hit 16 the visions started to come, and that is when i was put on heavy medications to stop them. i am now 18 and i am in a rehab at the moment trying to get better and work on my illness and my drug abuse. my meds arent helping me to the fullest because i still think people can read my thoughts, and i can still hear these men on a daily basis. the best thing i can do now is hang in there and not give up. i dont know much about personality disorder but some of the syptoms i have is trust issues, and love issues. i get really close to people because i want to be accpeted and loved and cared for, and i get really upset and angry if those people walk away from me or get mad at me. i also dont trust people very easily, but thats just me being paranoid thinking that people are watching me and talking bad about me. my moods are always up and down and my mind is always very foggy becuase my thoughts are always all jumbled up. theres more if u want to know...just send me a msg :)
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1 Response Sep 21, 2012

dear pward3, try to think that you have schizophrenia but the schizophrenia doesnt have you. i just read a book called 'after her brain broke' by susan inman, i thought it was a great book, my son was diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder year 2009, it has been rough few years, he is now 19 yrs old and is doing better, hope you are doing better too :)