Miss Diagnosed

Dear friends, I am fortunate that we have good health insurance and I can go to a top-notch psychiatric institute for treatment, however even after I was diagnosed with severe depression, anxiety disorder, and PSTD it took them another year to figure out I had schizoaffective disorder as well. I think a lot of this is that I wouldn't share with the doctor all my symptoms, out of embarrassment and because I had gotten really bad psychiatric treatment in the past where I described what were clearly psychotic symptoms to a lousy shrink who ignored what I said and failed to treat me for this, leaving me feeling like no one in the world understood what I was going through - it made me terrified to even mention these problems again. I have the unusual case of having the psychotic symptoms with unipolar depression, not bipolar. I have thought such things in the past like the FBI or CIA was hearing my thoughts through the TV when I had it on, or that I had fatal diseases even though there was no reason to think I should have them, or feeling that someone else like an alien being was looking through my eyes. I pretty much knew the thoughts were crazy, but I was unable to shake them and they were so strong I would have nervous breakdowns for days, even weeks. My brilliant doc finally figured me out even though I could barely express myself, and put me on Abilify. After two years of taking it, my symptoms are very much reduced and now I only have to take it if I feel the symptoms are coming on again and I'm not able to talk myself through them without hysteria. For about a year I also suffered from a really rare condition called "folie aux deux", meaning two or more persons share the same psychotic delusions / hallucinations. When I tried to research my conditions, I was surprised to find very little decent info either at library or on internet - everything I read was very vague and offered no help on how to deal with it. This is a really weird thing to deal with and I don't feel the mental health community understands it very well - anyone else feel the same way?

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2 Responses Jul 11, 2008

Yes, I do. I have been mis diagnosed so many times, I just don't know what to believe. But, Like you I am lucky to have good health insurance and I think this Doc has finally figured me out. Now if I could just get used to the meds...

I'm glad you're finally getting help, it took me 18 years to finally find a good doctor.