Treatment For Schizoaffective Disorder

I don't see many posts about treatments for Schizoaffective Disorder so I'm going to share what has worked for me and is becoming increasingly more prescribed.

First, you need to exercise every day. Try to do at least 20 minutes if not 45 minutes of exercise.

Second you need to take dietary supplements. Most of us are not getting well rounded meals and many people have been effectively treated by taking supplements alone without meds. So take a multivitamin a day, fish oil, B complex..etc. Google "Brain foods"

Eat 5-6 small meals a day. Eat a variety of foods every day. No junk food. Resist the temptation; your life is on the line. The more colors on your plate the better off you are. Put plenty of mixed vegetables on your plate, eat lots of fish, cut back on red meats (fattening) and sugar, and drink lots of water. I drink a lot of milk because it's a rich source of nutrients if you can't drink milk then find a milk replacement.

Learn mindfulness meditation. This isn't some new age cult nonsense. It's being prescribed by more and more therapists. Google it. Try "mindfulness UCLA" to find guided meditation. Training your mind to stay in the present moment will do much to keep you from experiencing a haunted past or a terrifying delusional vision.

Eliminate all of the mind poisons from your life. Do not watch horror movies or thrillers. Do not watch the evening news because a lot of it is the same kind of material. Google for 'good news only'. You will find many uplifting stories on sites that you turn up. Avoid negative or strange people.

Educate yourself. Google is your best therapist for beating this illness. Google "how to beat schizophrenia". "Diet for Schizophrenia" "meditation for schizophrenia" (to verify what I already typed). It is hard to do these things when you're mind is not your own, but when you have a pause from voices, delusions, paranoia.. you must take advantage of this time and research what others have done to get well.

You are not alone. There are many chatrooms with other schizophrenics and schizoaffectives. Google "mIRC #schizophrenia ircstorm" Learn what mIRC is: it's a chat program. Ircstorm is the server to connect to with mIRC and #schizophrenia is the chatroom to speak to other people with your illness. Go to and enter a chat on the webpage. There are plenty of people with schizo symptoms on bipolarworld chat.

If you your are still ill and you've been seeing the same therapist and psychiatrist for some time, replace them. Some people develop attachments to their caregivers even if these caregivers don't give good treatment. Be aggressive about finding someone who can help you

Most people have responded well from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Google it. Find a therapist who administers it using google: "Cognitive Behavioral Therapy YourTown YourState"

Your diet, your exercise, your meditation, your meds(takes some time to find those that work for you), your elimination of poisonous input(news, movies, books, people), your psychiatrist, your support groups (family, friends, online friends), all play crucial roles. Do not neglect any of these. Fight for your well being, your success and happiness.
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Wow....ExNi.....your info ,and your goodhearted willingness to share them.....never ceases to amaze me on here,truly! A lot of the things you mentioned are so good! You know I think that is an excellent list.And its people start looking and googling stuff,they will find a lot of things! You are right on,when you talk about the nutrition aspect.....and your right too,we need good news in our lives!Also...they have been doing studies in England,and found people with schizo symptoms of all kinds,respond well to borage oil.An oil that somehow,is working,in part of the treatment.It's like bringing the pieces all together.Some councellors,who have worked with others,regarding schizo....also have seen patterns of rejection from other's,as well as self rejection,playing a when that starts healing up.....they see really good results.Whatever works for someone......amen,all the power to it! Thanks again ,keep shining!