Do I Dare Again?

I think I need medication. The delusional thoughts are getting out of control. I know they are delusions but that doesn't stop them. My issue lately has been mostly mood uissues, however, the schizophrenia aspect has shone hard through. I want nothing to do with people and I just feel so numb.

I'm scared of medication. I'm a broke *** single working mom and my baby's father, who is now my ex due to emotional abuse (pretty sure he is a sociopath) kidnapped her for a month and he is also my work boss.

I need meds but he controls the income even when we aren't together. I pay him money even though we share joint custody.

Random things are happening in my room...the CD player randomly door popped open...somethings going on...i know its not real or shouldn't matter, but i'm creeped out...

****, I wish I had a joint.
DistortedPerceptions DistortedPerceptions
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1 Response Jan 24, 2013

Wow. its been awhile since you posted this, how are things?