Feeling So Low Tonight.

The night before, a friend from back home visited. He is an east Coast man. I am an East coast gal, we grew up together. But I live in the city now. Anywho. He's loved me for six years, but i always brushed him off. Now, he's on the other end, chasing a gal, and I find myself in love, now that I have gotten to know him much more through internet chats and these past two days. No hanky panky..however...we did cuddle and fall asleep together watching shows.

I love that man I think. I can't really tell. Hard when your emotions are non existant.

I feel like all the joy is so blunted and dull. Living is dull. Why did you have to destroy me?

Internal voices/thoughts laugh at this. Ugh.
DistortedPerceptions DistortedPerceptions
22-25, F
Jan 26, 2013