And So Begins The Delusional Debate On Ganja Vs Health Benefits.

Facebook trolling this very same cold night here in Ontario, as with every other night filled with the chill of winter, or on the flip side, warm and summeresque.

I come across an artile on how THC cures/helps in the improvence of shrinking malignant tumors. Not to mention, countless other things such as Multiple Sclerosis, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Osteoperosis, Etc Etc Etc...

Then, some smartass has the gall to point out that it causes/ aids in the developmental onsep of Schizophrenia in the early teens and such.

For one, maybe. Yes, everything has the potential to aid in the growth of such mental botulisms. Environmental factors play a role, past upbringings and traumas play roles, genetic and use of certain drugs ; both pharmaceutical and street grade. But the subject at hand was that it decreases the mestastization power of the tumor. Not schizophrenia, or any other mental illness. Everything can play a role, however, Marijuana seems to be the one that has been bastardized the most. Mostly due to corruption and greed.

**** the world.

I smoke weed to help with the mentally exhausting jogs of the day, and the physical strain of being so unhealthy physically.

My body has been sick for years. Frequent infections in the lungs, the throat, flu attacks, food poisonings, etc.. It has run itself down for years. I grew up bulimic, so it was a challenge to try and reset that in my late teens when I realised what it was doing to my body. Unfortunately, years of trauma to my innards made the feeling into a permanent scar. I still feel sick to this day. It always got worse even when on medications and after. I recently lost 80 lbs since 2012, gained the weight after giving birth to my daughter. She is almost three now. I was put on Seroquel xr and celexa. Made me gain 60 lbs. After I took myself off I began to have violent stomach issues and lost the weight. Very painful way to go.

The mental exhaustion comes with the strain of being a single self supported mother with The schizoaffective aspect. Bipolar type.

It's ridiculously hard. This is why I smoke a bowl at the end of the night. Because it helps my mood remain at a non depressed-non manic level. Schizo aspects heighten a touch but I find ways to calmly douse the delusions.

It honestly helps with the soul-crushing depression, the consistent feeling of endless agitation, and the reality loss and depersonalization.

Sometimes I hate being sick.
DistortedPerceptions DistortedPerceptions
22-25, F
Jan 26, 2013